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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

Bronze - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Guangzhou-based Jiaquan IP Law makes its first appearance in the WTR 1000 following stellar praise from foreign associates. “Jiaquan responds promptly to inquiries and offers meaningful recommendations on overcoming obstacles. Not only are they genuinely interested in developing a relationship with attorneys in other jurisdictions, they are willing to discuss legal or business matters in a collaborative fashion and offer insightful and constructive comments. If necessary, they will provide advice regarding issues that may be unique to Chinese law and point out potential problems.” “The team is thorough and well-informed, with excellent English language skills. Clear and competitive cost estimates are given too, and they offer preliminary advice without charge to assist clients in finalising their trademark strategy.” Assisting with all sorts of trademark matters for clients of all stripes is a diverse team of more than 80 trademark professionals, which include many stand-out individuals. Managers of the international department Mango Peng and Jady Xu are recognised for their “responsiveness, proactive representation and constant communications” and “high-quality trademark work” respectively. “Mango clearly takes pride in her work, including checking in with very detailed and strategic advice. With her, our results have been solid. She is an associate I feel very comfortable trusting with our most recognised clients and brands. She is a pleasure to work with.” “Jady always answers our inquiries very quickly and gives good background information for our clients.” Trademark attorney Hailey Liang also provides “good service through strong professionalism and practical ideas”. With Peng, Liang recently represented Jeffree Star in an administrative dispute case at the CNIPA. IP counsel Paul Yu may be “very young, but he is well-experienced, curious, empathetic and smart”. “We appreciate his speed in executing matters and precise analysis of IP problems.” His colleague Lamia Xu also “consistently provides outstanding legal advice and highly quality trademark work. Extremely bright and very reliable, Lamia is always prompt in responding to queries. Her recommendations are thorough, concise and clear. She has quickly become one of our favourite foreign counsels and our go-to Chinese counsel for trademark matters.”

Firm Profile

Jiaquan IP Law is one of China’s most renowned IP law firms. Founded in 1988, our firm has gradually developed from a patent legal service provider into a full-service IP law firm specialising in the broader fields of IP filing, prosecution and transaction. Our many years of practice has given us an in-depth understanding of the enforceability of patent rights, while our rich experience in patent enforcement guides us through patent claim drafting.

Over 30 years, Jiaquan has expanded to a total of 11 offices across China, including in Beijing, Hunan and Guangdong, with our head office in Guangzhou and a team of over 800 professionals covering all technical backgrounds. We have worked with business partners in over 100 countries in the world. We tailor specialised IP strategies to suit our clients’ unique needs and have a solid track record of thousands of successful cases.

Trademark, copyright and domain name prosecution and litigation

Our trademark team consists of over 100 professionals, including expert trademark attorneys, paralegals and litigators. We are also equipped with an in-house investigation team to support the litigators in evidence collection across China.

We file over 10,000 trademark applications every year. Our attorneys have rich experience in providing comprehensive pre-filing strategies for our clients’ new filings. We conduct identical searches before filing trademark applications and provide proper countermeasures when any highly similar prior mark exists. We also advise on the goods/services description so that they are in full compliance with Chinese practice. As a result, we help our clients increase the success rate for registration and reduce the time and costs for unnecessary procedures.

Patent prosecution and litigation

We file over 20,000 patent applications (including inventions, utility models and designs) every year. Our team of over 420 patent attorneys and patent engineers includes 14 former patent examiners and 15 professionals qualified as both patent attorneys and attorneys at law.

Jiaquan is listed as one of the 2019 Top 10 IP Agents for Civil Patent Litigations in China. Our litigation team consists of 30 attorneys at law, one nominated IP infringement judgment expert and one former judge. We handle nearly 300 patent litigations and invalidations every year. Our team has comprehensive experience in invalidation proceedings before the China National Intellectual Property Administration and assists our clients from the analysis of target patents to invalidation proceedings. We frequently represent clients before the different levels of courts or administrative authorities, assisting clients with the effective enforcement of their IP rights or in defending them against third-party claims.


In early 2019 we established a law firm in Guangzhou to cover other legal services besides intellectual property. This means that Jiaquan is now a full-service law firm covering the entire legal needs of its clients.

In June 2020 we set up our 11th branch office, which also specialises in IP services, in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province.

Quality management system

Jiaquan established the GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and obtained the Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity in May 2020.

The said certified quality management system covers the firm’s main service areas, such as IP law services (domestic and foreign patents, trademarks and software copyright), enterprise management consultancy services, legal consultancy services, science and technology project agency services.

During the lockdown in China in early 2020, our up-to-date system assisted our team (working from home) in creating more efficiency and flexibility in our services.

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