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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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“Longstanding and historical law firm Jacobacci & Partners continues to be synonymous with excellence in the IP world. It delivers on all fronts, thanks to its highly specialised team of trademark professionals.” Based in Milan, Gabriele Borasi comes warmly recommended by clients and fellow practitioners for his “business-minded approach, high-quality work and brilliantly effective strategies. Gabriele is reliable, efficient, empatheti and knowledgeable.” From Turin, Enrico Riccardino is appreciated for his “intelligent and direct advice”, while Franca Acuto “expertly represents clients in contentious matters”. Rights holders seeking secure protection are in safe hands with Elena Monte: “an all-round professional who excels in the anti-counterfeiting arena. Elena’s refined skills and entrepreneurial approach help her to interpret the needs of the client with great efficiency and work closely alongside them to face and solve the issues of the moment.”

Firm Profile

Jacobacci & Partners has nearly 90 professionals in 15 offices in three countries in Europe (Italy, Spain and France), supported by more than 200 paralegals and administrative staff. Our team of highly specialised professionals manage a portfolio of around 100,000 brands for clients of all types: we provide assistance in all areas of brand management, ranging from registration of a company logo to fighting against counterfeiting on a global scale. We work with the client to build a strategy that aims to correctly value, protect and defend their IP rights. IP professionals in the firm’s trademark department have specialties in fashion and cosmetic industries, food, automotive, mechanical, pharmaceutical and agriculture sectors, to cite a few.

Jacobacci & Partners manages over 80,000 patents across a wide variety of subject matters, from mechanics to electronics and software, from industrial and pharmaceutical chemistry to biotechnologies and nanotechnologies.  We represent clients in the filing of patents at the national, European and international level and have been involved in complex patent litigation for over 140 years, dating back to an infringement action concerning Edison’s light bulb.

The local business development team is composed of a selected group of trademark and patent attorneys and focuses on the small and local regions of Italy, France and Spain, with a client portfolio consisting mainly of SMEs. The team collects and shares best practices with the entire Jacobacci group for assisting SMEs in the local regions and fostering business development in those areas.

The firm’s code of ethics is regularly updated, respecting and enhancing the concept of diversity through its diversity policy, which ensures all employees are treated equally with regard to diversity and inclusion.

With a female CEO, and many women in key roles, Jacobacci is a firm geared for inclusion and greater gender equality. Numerous corporate social initiatives have been set up in view of a company policy that harmonises economic objectives with the social and environmental ones of the reference territory, with the aim of preserving the environmental, social and human heritage for present and future generations. These initiatives relate to the quality, reliability and safety of the product, but also to the safeguard of the environment and health and energy saving, according to a management approach that takes into account not only strong economic results, but also the wider impact that the company produces, through its work, on society and the environment.

This is why we have JFORYOU, a programme comprising concrete initiatives to improve the work environment and to combine work life with the private life of all employees.


  • Plastic free: all employees have been given a personalised Jacobacci & Partners aluminium water flask to use in combination with new installed water fountains
  • Car-sharing: we have recently signed an agreement with SHARE NOW (www.share-now.com) for its employees
  • Paperless: the firm has done away with printers and fax machines and instead uses technology to reduce paper use
  • Health prevention programmes: the firm has run a free flu vaccine programme for all its employees since autumn 2018
  • Summer camp: for all employees’ children under 18, fully paid by the firm
  • Two days of smart working a week for all employees
  • JIDEA: a virtual place where people can pitch ideas on how to improve work – a direct channel between the board and the employees
  • Carpooling: employees can save time and money, and contribute to the reduction of traffic and pollution, by sharing home-to-office journeys
  • Great Place to Work: a project to measure the work environment. All employees are put at the centre of the firm, analysing what they think and feel, to help the firm become an exceptional, high-performance workplace





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