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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

Silver - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Bronze - Firms: enforcement and litigation

After absorbing Watermark in 2020, the already-formidable trademark practice at Griffith Hack has become even stronger. With a heritage stretching back more than 100 years, its substantial legacy in the market earns it a great deal of respect among peers and patrons. The ensemble prides itself on being dedicated solely to IP law, with a 360-degree IP service. But clientele praise the team for its communication skills: “They can easily explain IP concepts in a way which is understandable and not overly complex. Breaking it down into a way which a non-IP professional can understand is vitally important.” The glowing reviews go further: “They are extremely detailed when responding, and never provide boiler-plate advice. They always research the client, the opposite party, and provide in-depth comments.” Breaking into the litigation ranking chart this year, the squad has no difficulties in handling the trickiest litigation matters. However, it also views this procedure as a last resort and looks to resolve disputes innovatively. The industry-focused multi-disciplinary practice also allows the well-qualified teams with expertise in the field to provide full-fledged trademark services to industry operators. Fast-moving consumer goods and food and beverage, among other sectors, are their strengths. Ex-Watermark lawyer Emma Mitchell is a welcome new addition to both Griffith Hack and the WTR 1000 rankings. Her fluency in both contentious and non-contentious trademark matters has become an invaluable asset to the firm. She is described as “very responsive, professional, and clearly highly experienced with deep specialist knowledge in her field. Her advice is pragmatic, commercially focused, and timely”. In a series of trademark opposition proceedings brought by Caterpillar, she acts on behalf of Puma in Federal Court for the PROACT mark and faces some of the country’s most seasoned litigators. A doyenne in trademark law, Anne Makrigiorgos has spent more than three decades at Griffith Hack as a trademark attorney and is highly esteemed by colleagues and peers. Recently appointed as the trademark group leader, Nicola Scheepers “is a true expert in the field, and has an excellent bedside manner with clients.” Working side by side with her is principal Kellie Stonier, who specialises in complex IP contentious matters and teaches trademark law, domain names and geographical indications in university. Impressed by her expertise, one service users commented that: “Kellie is a clear expert in the field and ensures we get the advice and assistance we need but in a way which is easily digestible and commercially applicable.” As a manifestation of her expertise, she represented Allergan in a series of trademark infringement proceedings, which constituted the first Federal Court decision in Australia in relation to an application to remove a defensive registration.

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