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Its “five innovative founding partners and their diverse personalities” have shaped GEISTWERT into “a ground-breaking Austrian law firm that is virtually unrivalled on the market”. A prime pick for any and all branding matters, the team “has revolutionised the local landscape and acts on innovative cases that have yet to break ground in the courts”. As is evident from the amount of spontaneous feedback it attracts, the 2014-established outfit has worked hard to position itself as a premier destination and its efforts have not gone unnoticed. “It is not easy to impress new clients and convince them to work with you,” comments one foreign associate, “but the GEISTWERT team not only does that – it also carries on performing at an exceptional level day in, day out. Their interest in legal, business and technological developments guarantees innovative solutions to complex problems.” Two of its stars are Rainer Schultes and Constantin Kletzer, both of whom “are incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. They anticipate the needs of clients before they even ask”. “Schultes has a perfect understanding of his field and an excellent approach to IP matters”; while Kletzer is a “fabulous lawyer who easily comprehends the reality of international business”. “The perfect fit for software companies”, Alexander Schnider has “a real passion for technology and exceptional business acumen. He is brilliant not just because of his extensive experience and knowledge, but also because he is a master strategist and smart negotiator who thinks critically and performs remarkably in the courtroom.” Also on deck are Juliane Messner and Max Mosing, both of whom receive rave reviews. “Juliane is one of the best IP lawyers in the country. She is business oriented and a great team player who can find creative solutions to complex problems – traits which are crucial when navigating complicated, time-sensitive projects.” “With a refreshing approach to problem solving, Max has the capacity to see the bigger picture and always considers matters from a commercial standpoint. Plus, he is friendly and witty, which makes working with him all the more enjoyable.”

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