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Currently managing more than 3,000 active national trademarks, the thriving prosecution practice at Duncan Cotterill is bolstered by its seamless Trans-Tasman coverage – 40% of its workload constitutes Australian trademark register work. Though full-service in nature, the group has dedicated itself to nothing else but intellectual property. No wonder it receives enthusiastic praise from its clientele: “They go above and beyond on service and are very easy to work with, in addition to being highly capable and good lawyers.” “They have all the intellectual firepower and trademark and litigation experience necessary.” The lauded department is helmed by leading IP experts Scott Moran and Michael Moyes, who have several decades of experience between them. Moran is widely acknowledged as the leading IP manager, strategist and licensing negotiator. “Scott always thinks holistically, taking his broader legal knowledge and experience into account. He is incredibly efficient and a pleasure to work with.” Moyes is a passionate IP rights protector, with cultivated IP monetisation skills and richly diverse sector expertise. He understands the business side of intellectual property, which informs his approach to problem solving.     

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