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Duncan Cotterill is a top-10 filer in New Zealand and manages more than 2,500 trademarks on the country’s register. The group takes care of prosecution efficiently and at a competitive price. The set is well-adapted to complex and strategic work and is, for example, assisting Interprofession du Gruyère in connection with its application for a certification mark. Thanks to its quality and excellent track record, the practice has experienced significant growth in recent years and as a result its dispute resolution activities have expanded considerably. According to service users: “The firm has all the intellectual firepower and litigation experience you need. It very quickly establishes a definite commercial goal for a litigation and takes a pragmatic approach to realising it, which ensures optimal and cost-effective outcomes; it resources matters appropriately, too.” Across the board, the ensemble gives “thorough and prompt advice, communicates it in plain English and anticipates clients’ needs”. Standout players include Scott Moran and Michael Moyes who have several decades of experience between them. Moran, who launched the trademark practice nearly 20 years ago, is a sophisticated brand manager, strategist and licensing expert. He covers a lot of ground for companies such as Logitech, which he advises on infringement matters and whose New Zealand trademark portfolio he oversees. Moyes is a passionate IP rights protector with cultivated IP monetisation skills and richly diverse sector expertise. He understands the business side of intellectual property, which informs his approach to problem solving.

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