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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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Deacons’ trademark group is in its own league — not only is it home to one of the largest IP teams in the city, its deep root in the region also gives it an edge in understanding local regulators, IP offices, courts and business practices. The breadth of practice and personalised services are also some of the hallmarks of its gold-tier offering: “Deacons is a highly experienced firm whose professional expertise is beyond reproach. It has a group of very friendly and understanding staff that makes the team so unique.” Anchoring the squad are co-leads Charmaine Koo and Annie Tsoi. Consummate litigator Koo has involved in numerous influential IP litigations through her career. She received enthusiastic praise from her loyal patron: “Charmaine is exceptionally dedicated and highly proficient at her work. Her professionalism is beyond doubt. She is efficient and quick in thinking and taking actions. While she delegates, she stays on top of things and has complete mastery of the cases, ready to give support as and when required.” Amassing over two decades of China IP experience, Tsoi has been a close ally of a league of international brands protecting their IP rights in Greater China. Ranked across the prosecution, litigation and licensing tables, all-rounder Catherine Zheng makes light work of briefs where patents intersect with other IP rights. She also plays a vital role in the team as she has successfully represented many major patrons in actions and is very often victorious in Chinese litigation cases. Dora Si offers top-notch trademark counselling, brand protection, anti-counterfeiting strategies, domain name and copyright protection, data protection and internet issues across the region for heavyweights in the consumer goods and luxury sectors. Her service users were impressed with “her quick response, proactive, solid and concise advice”. With more than 20 years of experience safeguarding multinational and regional trademark portfolios, Patsy Lau is a fan favourite among Hong Kong and international brand owners. “Patsy is dependable no matter the circumstances and time. She and her team must work 24/7, because I can always expect her to deal with matters immediately within hours.” “Patsy’s impeccable friendly character and understanding voice makes one feel so welcoming.” Working alongside her on the prosecution front comes Emmy Chow and Loretta Lau. A veteran achiever in the industry, Chow has earned her excellent reputation in trademark prosecution, worldwide and regional trademark negotiation and advisory work. Lau draws judiciously on her previous experience working at the Hong Kong IP department in her IT and fintech practice. Kelley Loo has proven herself time and time again and with lightning turnaround times, evidenced by a promotion to partner in January 2021. Last but not least, A flair for the fine print of IP-rich transactions lands Ian Liu his first spot in the WTR 1000 this year.

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