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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

Silver - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Gold - Firms: enforcement and litigation

Those requiring trademark services in the US and Europe choose wisely when they enlist Cooley; it has deep experience in both markets and sophisticated and collaborative teams of lawyers who sew up brand protection and turn up the heat on infringers. The firm is more conscientious than others when it comes to translating prosecution learnings into litigation success – and vice versa – which makes for a well-rounded and mature service. Playing a central role in an international group that advises more than 1,000 clients, manages more than 24,000 trademarks globally and litigates extensively, Cooley’s lawyers on the West Coast form a constellation of stars. Gold-ranked litigator Bobby Ghajar “knows trademark law at the deepest level and appreciates how civil procedure and evidence can play equally important roles in complex litigation. He is a great writer and strategist and a zealous advocate who thinks quickly on his feet and is never afraid to take a well-considered and aggressive position in court or with an adversary. He understands his clients’ end game and every decision he makes drives towards that result.” Examples of his recent work include filing a trademark lawsuit on behalf of Olive AI, an AI start-up, against Alpha Health seeking to prevent it using the trademark ALPHA HEALTH; in response, the defendant filed genericness and fraud cancellation claims, which were dismissed, ultimately leading to a resolution to the dispute in May 2021 whereby Alpha Health changed its name. He also successfully represented fintech company Plaid in several trademark infringement and false advertising actions. With him on these matters, Angela Dunning, whose narrative gifts are key to success in court. John Paul Oleksiuk also thrives in the cut and thrust of litigation and, like Ghajar, is in his element as a counsellor, too. “JP is an incredibly talented trademark attorney with exceptional judgement who gives easy-to-digest, practical advice. He communicates in plain English, which helps him clear up messy trademark situations.” On the prosecution and strategy side, he advises diverse patrons including trendy coffee brands, real estate companies, e-learning providers, rising stars in the cosmetics an apparel retail industries, and many more. In litigation, he recently resolved a trademark dispute between client 23andMe and Anne Peck dedicates herself to brand selection and protection and is an experienced attorney who brings tremendous value to leading technology and life sciences companies, such as Gilead Sciences, which she supports on wide-ranging trademark issues.

Bronze - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Silver - Firms: enforcement and litigation

Cooley is compelling in several ways: it has a large group of experienced and specialised trademark lawyers; a presence in the Europe and the United States; abundant global expertise and an extensive worldwide network; and robust capabilities across the contentious/non-contentious divide. It also has Brendan Hughes as its firm-wide practice chair and anchor in DC. Hughes has emerged as one of the very best of his generation and is rewarded with wonderful reviews from the market – speaking of his dedication, one source comments: “It is hard to list everything he and his team at Cooley have done to lessen the stress of what has been a very difficult period. From late night and early morning calls to rapid clearance searches and smart advice on filing strategies, Brendan has been phenomenal. Relieving strained in-house resources and providing our business teams with comfort, he has also given valuable advice on promotional and advertising matters.” “Brendan understands that each company is unique and that a one-size-fits-all trademark strategy doesn’t work,” reports another source. “He takes the time to listen and really understands his clients’ businesses, and responds well to changing and growing needs.” His colleague in the capital Susan Christoff also garners glowing notices: “She is excellent at integrating with in-house teams and is a vital sounding board – for example, when considering IP litigation. She understands her clients in terms of business and the nuances of their leadership and internal decision making; she knows, for example, when a mark needs an urgent decision more than absolute certainty and when the opposite is true.” Together the pair manage Bluetooth SIG’s portfolio of 400-plus registrations worldwide, as well as handling licensing, enforcement and disputes for the tech giant. They also act for numerous life sciences entities, including Prolacta Bioscience and Oncorus, whose brands they protect internationally.

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