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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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“Clark Wilson is one of the strongest players on the west coast, especially for tech clients.” The Vancouver-based group concentrates its efforts on prosecution and strategy work and has a loyal roster of both domestic and international brand owners – often serving as a gateway into the region for some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known enterprises. “A natural leader, not only on a firm level, but on the wider trademark scene”, Jeffrey Vicq co-chairs the practice. “He has unmatched knowledge of trademark strategy and a laser-like focus on business solutions, which he pairs with a quick wit and jovial attitude. Simply put, he is a standout locally and worldwide.” Vicq is currently participating in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s (CIPO) Director General’s Advisory Committee, providing policy recommendations to the trademark office. Working alongside him is Neil Melliship, who serves as a solid partner for IT and software companies. His advice is underpinned by knowledge in related areas of commercial law and he has a keen eye for emerging technologies. Dual-qualified trademark agent and lawyer Athar Malik rounds out the team and brings valuable insight in the most complex matters. His previous experience as a litigator informs his decisions and allows him to anticipate and avoid problems before they occur.

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