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“Clancy PC’s professionals are extremely responsive and take care of trademark prosecution and other needs efficiently and with exceptional attention to detail. Forming a resourceful and clever team, they see the big picture and give enlightened advice on the best strategies for brand protection.” Hugely popular among rights holders and law firms alike, Paula Clancy is the guiding light of the practice. “Extremely client oriented and super-easy to work with, Paula is one of the most reliable trademark experts in Canada. She really delivers – and without the high billing rates of the larger firms.”

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Since it was founded in 2008, Clancy PC has become one of Canada’s most recognised IP boutique law firms. Clancy PC now ranks as one of the top 50 most active filers in Canada – an impressive feat considering the size of the firm. Founder and managing attorney Paula Clancy, who is certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a specialist in intellectual property (trademarks), is a force to be reckoned with. As one client has noted: “from strategy to execution, Paula does it all flawlessly and helps grow and protect your marks as you grow as a company”.

For over a decade, Clancy PC has provided tailored IP services to government agencies, publicly traded companies and start-ups alike, often working with in-house counsel as an extension of their legal team. Leveraging its employees’ years of experience and widespread knowledge across a multitude of industries enables Clancy PC to provide first-class services to its clients in a variety of speciality areas. Clancy PC provides strategic, practical and creative IP advice to clients in an expansive range of industries such as high-tech, fashion, consumer goods, cosmetics, food and beverages, telecommunications, sports, banking, manufacturing and life sciences. Clancy PC represents many prominent brands, nationally and internationally.

This all-woman boutique law firm takes great pride in its client-focused, collaborative approach. What really sets the firm apart is its innovative commitment to fixed and transparent pricing. As one of Canada’s first IP firms to adopt a flat-fee cost model, Clancy PC blazed a trail. Its cost model breaks away from the traditional legal model of billing by the hour, allowing for transparent and predictable legal fees, which in turn brings clients comfort as they are then able to accurately budget for their IP protection, both in Canada and around the world.

Clancy PC is committed to diversity and inclusion. The firm has implemented a progressive policy regarding equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The firm is dedicated to fostering a culture that is inclusive, encourages collaboration and collegiality, and celebrates the unique backgrounds, viewpoints and experiences of all its employees. Moreover, Clancy PC has made sure to adopt flexible work arrangements to promote a healthy life balance for its team, recognising that women often bear most of the child-rearing and home responsibilities. By doing so, Clancy PC has created a more productive and efficient workplace environment, which ultimately results in the delivery of better solutions for its clients.

To best assist clients, Clancy PC employees are actively involved in the IP community, staying up to date on recent developments in IP law not only in Canada, but also worldwide. Two members of the firm are registered trademark agents and three employees have successfully completed the Intellectual Property of Canada’s Trademark Administrator Certification courses. Each member of the team is committed to providing top-quality and responsive service to clients.

Over the coming years, Clancy PC is incredibly excited to continue expanding its legal team and to solidify relationships in new areas of the world. When choosing foreign associates, the Clancy PC team gravitates to other like-minded professionals and firms, which often results in working with progressive firms that also promote, support and empower women in law.

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