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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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Prosecution powerhouse Cedar White Bradley gets top marks for “the timeliness of its advice and the quick action its takes for clients – a rare quality to have”. “The team provides invaluable advice and adds tremendous value through its research, investigatory assistance and strategic insight” across every phase of brand protection. An in-house group of investigators is a major draw for companies seeking to enforce their marks both locally and further afield, and CEO Halim Shehadeh is one of the best in the business when it comes to drawing up tailored regional anti-counterfeiting programmes. He understands clients on a one-to-one level and his work is always hugely impactful as a result. Equally service minded, versatile all-rounder Nina Osseiran is brilliant at finding a path forward where no obvious solution presents itself. She has spent several years practising in Washington DC and is a discerning choice for brand owners with broad geographical horizons. In prosecution, managing partner David Harper is “a very safe and steady pair of hands – you know he will provide an excellent service and he never lets you down”. Working alongside him is the charismatic and personable Saba Al Sultani, who serves as head of trademarks. She assiduously enhances the brands of national and global heavyweights through well-thought-out, future-proofed strategies. Breaking into the rankings this year on the back of glowing praise is Theuns van de Merwe: “In difficult, painstaking and detail-heavy processes, Theuns never fails to provide thorough, user-friendly advice that helps us navigate complex areas. If a matter requires urgent attention or is time sensitive in any way, he and his team are responsive, helpful and diligent. CWB is definitely a top-quality firm.”

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High quality, cost sensitivity and a lightning-fast response rate are hallmarks of the service at Cedar White Bradley. The IP consultancy’s prosecution output is never less than meticulous, and expansive regional coverage means it can devise tailored strategies that address cross-border obstacles in the most efficient way possible. A robust enforcement and anti-counterfeiting offering is another major draw: the group has its own investigators on the ground to gather market intelligence and track down infringers, allowing it to strike through raids and seizures while the iron is hot. UAE-based Theuns van de Merwe is a prime pick for brand protection mandates.

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A repository of trust for rights holders, Cedar White Bradley consistently delivers the goods on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, with quality, efficiency and price sensitivity all hallmarks of its service. A fine-grained understanding of laws and practices across the Middle East and North Africa ensures it can work seamlessly across borders; and its far-sighted strategies consistently move the needle for clients at both a local and regional level. In Cairo, Hazem Wahba is the name to note for the address book.

Recommended - Firms

Cedar White Bradley’s Saudi branch is home to a sophisticated group of lawyers and other practitioners who blend local and regional insight to secure copper-bottomed trademark protection for international brand owners. It frequently assists top names in the fashion, life sciences and technology sectors; and when infringements crop up, its crack litigators and investigators leave no stone unturned in bringing matters to a swift and successful close. Saba Al Sultani is the name to note for potential instructions.

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