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“One of the top prosecution firms in the country”, BRANN has more than seven decades of experience getting rights on the register and a 50-strong squad to get the job done. Over the years, it has continuously refined its offering and added new service lines to become a one-stop shop that serves rights holders both at home and further afield. Managing partner Omar Baki oversees the litigation division, where he runs a tight ship. This “great and well-respected lawyer” is “authoritative, calm and sharp”; an eminent figure on the trademark scene, he is also vice president of the Swedish Anti-Counterfeiting Group (SACG).

Firm Profile

BRANN AB is a full-service IP law firm whose mission is to provide our clients with optimised, cost-efficient and intelligent IP protection that adds value to their business.

We offer highly qualified services and give advice on patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, domain names and dispute resolution, among others. We perform investigations, prepare applications, monitor IP rights and defend against infringement and piracy.

Founded in 1949, BRANN today has about 50 employees, including European patent attorneys, authorised Swedish patent attorneys, European trademark and design attorneys, attorneys at law and IP administrators. We have offices in Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö and Gothenburg. In addition, we have a well-established network that spans all continents, enabling us to optimise IP rights globally.

BRANN was founded by Ludwig Brann, who had emigrated from Germany in the 1930s. He had come to Sweden with an extensive international business network built when he was teaching IP law in Germany.

Due to the situation in Germany at that time, many of his students also emigrated and spread over the world, which led to BRANN having always had many large foreign clients, in particular in the United States. There are still individuals all over the world who remember Dr Brann as the authority and visionary he was in the field of intellectual property.

Dr Brann managed the firm until he died in 1975 during a business trip. After his death his daughter, Irene Brann-Nilsson, led the firm until 1986 when BRANN was bought out by the staff. Since then BRANN has been employee-owned.

BRANN offers consultancy services in the fields of IP rights and IP law. In their work, BRANN’s employees focus on value creation in the customer’s business by providing extended, interactive services.

On the basis of its market-conscious approach, highly skilled and motivated staff, modern technology, cost efficiency and truly global network of contacts, BRANN is one of the three leading IP agencies in Sweden, as well as the first choice in Europe for clients in Asia and the United States.

BRANN strives to have an open and personal approach, to be accessible and flexible, and to provide clients with in-depth insight so they can feel comfortable in their relationship with us.

BRANN values long-term relationships more highly than short-term services and we do our utmost to ensure that our clients are satisfied. With our broad competence and experience, we provide our clients with the best possible quality.

BRANN’s vision is to be the preferred IP rights business partner for clients in Sweden and abroad, by authorities, current and future employees, and all other stakeholders. We believe that ‘preferred’ is the title given only to those considered to be the most competent, most efficient, most customer-focused and cost-efficient at providing the required quality.

BRANN’s many clients include Swedish companies, private persons, foreign direct clients or patent and trademark agents, and associates with whom we cooperate on behalf of Swedish or foreign clients.

In order to live up to one of our key values – commitment – BRANN participates and supports various projects whose objectives BRANN can stand behind. This involves charity projects, as well as business hubs in which BRANN participates as a partner. A large part of our time and commitment spent in these contexts are provided pro bono. In addition, BRANN has been contributing to the academic world for many years by, among other things, regularly offering law students internships and reviewing essays by law students in the field of intellectual property.

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