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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

Recommended - Renewals and recordals

Brandstock scores excellent reviews from sources in diverse European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and other locales, highlighting its excellent global reputation. Its international team is extremely well-organised and applies superb project management skills in executing on major search, clearance, filing and renewal and recordal programmes. A propensity for innovation has seen Brandstock constantly refine its skills, service, cost-efficiency and transparency to deliver maximum quality for maximum value.

Firm Profile

Brandstock Group delivers fast, efficient, customised solutions and exceptional customer service across the full spectrum of intellectual property.

For over 20 years, we have delivered high-quality, cost-effective services for IP owners and professional firms.

With our extensive international network of more than 250 law firms, attorneys and other IP professionals providing specialised advice in individual jurisdictions, we are always able to place work with the right professional and ensure the best value.

We are constantly innovating in anticipation of market needs and pushing the boundaries of client expectations.

Our firm

Since the first member company was established in Germany in 1993, the Brandstock Group has grown to over 150 employees in six countries. From its strong European base, the group has also expanded into the United States and is now part of the Questel company.

The group has established itself as a market leader in large-scale IP projects, including:

  • global trademark search and clearance;
  • complex multi-territory filing programmes;
  • recordal programmes; and
  • renewals.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • full-service IP portfolio management;
  • litigation and other IP enforcement, including anti-counterfeiting programmes;
  • domain name registration and management;
  • valuation and asset value consultancy; and
  • IP benchmarking.

For over 20 years Brandstock has revolutionised pricing in the IP sector, introducing and developing unprecedented levels of transparency and control over costs. Much of this has been driven by investment in technology – particularly web-based platforms that we, external counsel firms and our clients can use daily to inform and interact.

Brandstock has led the way in the IP sector and will continue to do so by constantly improving its IP capabilities to drive performance and cost efficiencies for our clients.

Brandstock Complete

Brandstock Complete embraces every aspect of the IP lifecycle from inception to disposal or expiry – including protection, exploitation, enforcement, transactions and valuation – providing you with a comprehensive complement to, or replacement for, your IP function.

Delegated solution

Brandstock Complete takes a radical approach to manage the downstream demands of IP business initiatives. In place of a mix of in-house and outsourced services, Brandstock Complete offers a fully delegated solution in which our legal team becomes a seamless part of your IP function.

Comprehensive service

By choosing Brandstock Complete you also have access to Brandstock Services and the full extent of our service capabilities, including:

  • our highly skilled services teams;
  • our proprietary IP management technologies; and
  • our global reach and expertise.

Our tested agent networks and dedication to workflow optimisation provide unmatched transparency, efficiency and speed.

Our people are your people

With Brandstock Complete you no longer have to concern yourself with recruiting, training and retenting in-house staff. We can place our staff in your offices or take on key members of your team where needed. Our resources can be rapidly scaled up or down according to need, providing complete flexibility.

Cost control and transparency

We work with you to formulate budgets to which we will strictly adhere, while providing complete transparency in relation to costs. Our aim is always to eliminate waste and ensure the best value, reducing total operating costs wherever possible. Brandstock gives you control over costs and the means to make the best use of available funding to meet the needs of the business.

Strategy formulation

Our exposure to large-scale IP portfolio management by our varied multinational client base means that we are well placed to support strategy development as part of our Brandstock Complete engagement. Working with us, you have the benefit of our continuous learning and know-how.

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