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In only a handful of years Borders IP has already taken the IP industry by storm. Founded in 2016 by Kumpei Kogure after leaving SOEI Patent & Law Firm, the IP boutique has made waves in the international IP community and foreign associates cannot help but sing its praises. “Borders IP is a refreshingly different Japanese firm, with one foot in traditional Japanese practice and one foot leaping into a more global approach to trademark practice,” states one supporter. “Not only did Kumpei train under several very experienced trademark attorneys early in his career, for the past decade, he has put his own practical and refreshing adaptation to the approach taken by most Japanese practitioners.” For US companies seeking responsive Japanese counsel, the set provides a solid grasp of international practices: “Kumpei commonly uses his familiarity with US law to explain and contrast aspects of Japanese practice that differ from the United States. As such, Borders IP is careful and thoughtful, yet extremely efficient, while Kumpei is energetic, funny, thorough and pragmatic in his approach to meet client goals.” With Kogure at the helm, it is little wonder that the group has already made such great strides. “When Kumpei started his own firm, I followed him because of his professionalism and multiple skills as a lawyer.” “He is very reliable and responsible, providing good quality work for reasonable fees.”

Firm Profile

BORDERS IP is one of the leading boutique IP firms in Japan. It was established in 2016 to offer domestic and overseas clients high-quality, specialised, pragmatic advice on trademark-related matters with pride and passion.

Based on over 15 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the trademark protection field, BORDERS IP offers its services in terms of the philosophy below:

  • Legal solutions – BORDERS IP fully understands that a deep understanding of its clients’ businesses is crucial for providing legal solutions to the challenges they face. BORDERS IP accurately analyses clients’ business circumstances and offers proper legal advice to facilitate its clients’ decision-making.
  • Pragmatic approach – BORDERS IP fully understands that clients want solutions to their problems. BORDERS IP provides various pragmatic, flexible solutions to resolve these problems and move clients’ businesses forward.
  • Business perspective – BORDERS IP fully understands that clients do not want merely academic legal opinions. Trademarks are among the strongest tools for protecting and promoting businesses. BORDERS IP provides specific proposals that strengthen clients’ businesses through trademark protection.

Our people

Before entering the trademark protection field, BORDERS IP’s attorneys gained experience in various corporate roles, such as sales manager at a prestigious Japanese department store and in the legal and IP department of well-known Japanese and Korean video game companies. These experiences help nourish BORDERS IP’s client-oriented mindset and philosophy.

With their unique combination of corporate experience and extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the trademark protection field, BORDERS IP’s attorneys serve clients with dedication as their ‘trademark concierges’.

Service areas

BORDERS IP’s main services include the following:

  • trademark availability searches in Japan and overseas;
  • trademark national filing before the Japan Patent Office;
  • Madrid Protocol filings and prosecutions;
  • trademark-related appeals, oppositions, non-use cancellations and invalidation trials;
  • renewal management of trademark registrations;
  • trademark dispute resolution;
  • trademark and copyright licensing;
  • enforcement (online and borders);
  • recordals (assignments, licences, pledges and changes of name/address); and
  • copyright registration before the Japan Copyright Office.

Worldwide network

BORDERS IP provides a reliable worldwide network of overseas colleague attorneys. BORDERS IP’s trademark attorneys constantly maintain the network’s reliability and value through face-to-face meetings at international conferences.


BORDERS IP was recognised by the WTR 1000 in 2020.

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