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Highly adept at protecting and monetising trademarks, designs and patents, BN Intellectual Property is an excellent one-stop shop for innovative brands and companies. Its professionals understand the IP needs and broader business objectives of their clients and tailor their advice and services accordingly; that way, time, energy and money are all used effectively to achieve highly practical outcomes. In terms of recent developments, the firm has continued to invest in its support office in mainland China, which has been handling a growing docket of prosecution matters there; BN also has a support office in Portugal and extends its services to that market – and the European Union – too. Well-known and respected in international IP circles, Bruno Nunes provides strong leadership to the group.

Firm Profile

BN Intellectual Property Services has more than 15 years of experience and has offices in Macau, Portugal and Singapore, as well as a support office in Mainland China. BNIP specialises in registering, licensing and protecting trademarks, patents and industrial designs rights in Macau, Portugal and Singapore. Our team of long-established professionals are members of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and INTA. 

Our managing partner, Bruno Nunes, regularly serves on INTA committees and is currently a member of the Brands and Innovation Committee.We pride ourselves on our efficiency and ability to recognise our clients’ concerns and practices.

Over the past 15 years, our firm has shown continuous growth, resulting from practices that focus on clients’ needs. By refining traditional approaches and employing innovative technological processes, we have shown ourselves to be both consistent and progressive.

Our motto is “more with less”. The fewer the resources, the more they are optimised. The fewer steps and stages of processes, the more efficient they become. The less time we need to do our best, the more our clients are pleased with the results.

More with less: efficiency

We developed an in-house software that cut down our workload by up to 75% and enabled us to reduce costs dramatically. We have moved our in-house software to the cloud and started to implement further automated processes and artificial intelligence mechanisms, not only to free up resources that can focus on higher-value matters, but also to enable further cost efficiencies.

More for less: flat fee

Being efficient allows us to be prepared for all eventualities and have a flat-fee policy. Our clients are fully informed of costs from the beginning and do not need to worry about surprises.

More but no less: quality

Being able to speed up processes does not mean we compromise on quality. Our reports are accurate and disclose all the information and support documents that we know our clients care to know.


Since becoming a Special Administrative Region of China in 1999, Macau, a former Portuguese colony, has become the world’s largest casino market. Macau had profits of $28.3 billion in 2015, which was five times greater than those of Las Vegas.

Due to its large gaming industry and relaxed tax laws, Macau has become a significant base for wealthy investors. Since 2001 Macau has operated an open-door policy towards Chinese citizens and liberalised the gaming industry.


Singapore is a highly developed market economy and has been ranked as the most open in the world, with low taxation and the third-highest gross domestic product per capita in the world in terms of purchasing power parity, which is one reason why Singaporean consumers are among the largest spenders on luxury goods.

Singapore’s IP regime is considered one of the best in the world, and Singapore ranks as the sixth most innovative nation in the world and first in Asia. Thus, Singapore has a business-friendly IP regime that attracts international companies and is the prime destination for investment and research and development.

Singapore is also a shopping heaven and it is the fifth-largest destination country in terms of tax-free shopping, beaten only by France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany.


Portugal has been developing its role as a tech hub in Europe over the past years and has implemented several mechanisms to attract overseas investment into that sector.

It is our view that Portugal offers sufficient incentives to serve as the gateway for Chinese and other overseas investment into Europe, but also as a base for European tech companies. This is why we now have an office in Portugal.


  • IAM Strategy 300 – Top 300 IP Strategists in the World 2021
  • WTR 1000 -– World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2017-2021
  • Asia IP – Trademark Survey Rankings Trademarks Tier 1 2021
  • Corporate INTL – Best Intellectual Property Law Firm in Macao 2020
  • Asia IP – Patent Survey Rankings Patents Tier 1 2020
  • Managing IP – IP Stars 2016 2020
  • Managing IP – Leaders in Law 2020


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