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“Extremely proactive, well-qualified and intelligent”, BMA’s trademark experts form “one of the best Portuguese brand groups”. “Their advice is well considered in light of the very latest European trademark trends and developments, and helps achieve clients’ short and long-term commercial goals.” Anchoring the practice are litigators Paulo Monteverde, Filipe Baptista and Hugo Monteiro de Queirós. “Attentive to detail and remarkably wise”, Monteverde handles both routine and out-of-the-ordinary IP problems with brio Fresh faces in the WTR 1000 for 2021, Baptista and de Queiros impress at every turn. Baptista is “a seasoned professional whose meticulous counsel reliably delivers desired outcomes”. An influential voice on the market, he has held numerous positions of responsibility in Portuguese and international IP associations. Queirós’ star is in the ascendant: he recently handled an important case at the Lisbon Court of Appeal, securing a finding that Portuguese trademark BELCANTO, used by the famous Belcanto restaurant, was a well-known trademark, and that use of the mark by a wine company constituted an unlawful attempt to take advantage of its goodwill.

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