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Being one of the oldest IP establishments in the country only guarantees to bring forth the unrivalled China IP expertise and proficiency. Sanyou’s trademark team comprises some of the most experienced IP attorneys on the market as well as several ex-trademark examiners, who are well-versed in all stages of trademark prosecution and brand protection schemes in the country. Patrons “are sufficiently impressed with their knowledge of the relevant legislation, preparatory work and their understanding of the intricacies of the business”. Polyglot team members ensure that foreign clientele are well accommodated. The ensemble’s capability in contentious matters should not be underestimated – it encompasses everything from opposition, cancellation, invalidation to post-registration enforcement and infringement litigation. Leading this endeavour is Yakai Shi, who conducts thorough investigation and leads the administrative litigation in a non-use cancellation case on behalf of Honda Motor. Meanwhile, taking the reins on the prosecution front is Lena (Lanying) Shen, who began her IP career in 2000 and is regularly relied on by leading international and domestic brands – including Yili Group and British Telecom – for her prosecution and portfolio management capabilities. One source asserts that: “The advice that we receive from Lena is always very detailed and presented in a manner which takes into account our commercial operations in China, which again is invaluable in helping us to understand where the real issues lie and control our budgets.”

Firm Profile

Founded in 1986, Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd was the first private IP firm to be established in China.

A leader in the field, Sanyou IP helps domestic and international clients to obtain and enforce their IP rights by providing wide-ranging and high-quality services. Sanyou IP obtained the ISO 9001 certification for quality management in 2011 after it streamlined its management procedure.

By emphasising professionalism and craftsmanship, Sanyou IP has been named an Outstanding Patent Agency and an Outstanding Trademark Agency for several consecutive years. Its team of motivated and professional attorneys represents a combination of the highest technical and legal qualifications and years of practical experience. Many of its attorneys have been working in the field for over 10 years, and several are former senior patent or trademark examiners of the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

Sanyou IP is headquartered in Beijing with several branch offices in Suzhou, Dalian, Hong Kong and Japan. The firm employs about 400 staff, including 160 patent attorneys, 50 patent engineers, 20 general lawyers and 40 trademark professionals, all practising under interrelated entities:

  • Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd;
  • Beijing Wanrui Law Firm; and
  • Sanyou International IP Service Ltd.

Sanyou IP's patent team consists of experienced professionals. Some 75% of our patent attorneys, patent engineers and translators have postgraduate degrees or above; 25% of our patent team members have oversea educational background. Our areas of practice include electronics, communications, computers, physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology and pharmaceuticals. We constantly broaden and deepen our bench by recruiting talent in emerging fields such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and bio-pharmaceuticals.

Since the firm’s creation in 1986, the Sanyou IP trademark team has accumulated professional experience in the field of trademark and handled hundreds of thousands of trademark cases of all kinds. The team is made up of 30 professionals, including trademark attorneys, attorneys at law and search/evaluation experts. In recent years, numerous national trademark examination experts have joined the team as special advisers. The team has considerable experience in prosecuting trademark applications and handling dispute resolutions with the aim of creating value for clients; this approach has won over numerous clients worldwide.

The legal team is proficient in prosecution, enforcement, litigation and non-litigation practices in relation to patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition. The team has accumulated rich experience in patent infringement and invalidation litigation, owing to its accomplishment in the study of anti-unfair competition law, as well as civil and business laws. Many of the team members are well trained in legal theory and practice, and some of them graduated from top universities in China such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, or famous law schools in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. Some lawyers in the firm are hired as senior counsels by clients, chairing or participating in major and complex domestic cases, well-qualified for providing high-level legal services.

In recent years, Sanyou IP also creating a Patent Information and Consultation Department, which focuses mainly on novelty searches, prior art searches, freedom-to-operate searches, patent navigation, analysis, early warning and technology development searches. The team consists of searching engineers, patent consultants and data engineers with rich experience; they are ready to provide searching and consulting services to clients covering the whole industry chain and enabling the comprehensive protection of IP rights.

Our motto is “quality, efficiency and loyalty”. At Sanyou IP, we pride ourselves on our quality work and constantly strive to provide the highest level of services tailored to the individual needs of each client. Our team of legal professionals, with a wealth of experience and proven success in the full range of IP services, stands ready to assist clients with their IP matters both in China and around the globe. We independently developed a database system with fully automatic deadline monitoring for the case we handle. Sanyou IP has also achieved paperless e-recording safe management of case documents throughout the entire process.

Having been dedicated to intellectual property for over 35 years, Sanyou IP is always ready to improve its services and quality of work.

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