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“Bech-Bruun has the strongest, most professional, globally focused IP practice in the world,” enthuses one patron. “Its team is skilled, sophisticated and responsive; and while they have diverse specialisations in sub-areas of IP, they never lose the bigger picture.” Another interviewee comments: “Bech-Bruun is full of tough, experienced litigators with a can-do attitude and the will to fight cases through to the very end. They understand business priorities, have a commercial mindset and show in-depth knowledge of international policies and procedure.” An example of the high level at which it operates is Claus Barrett Christiansen’s recent work with Bang & Olufsen in designing a completely new global brand and design strategy. “Immensely qualified and well respected”, Barrett Christiansen “has an excellent sense of balancing a client’s legal and commercial interests and is definitely classed as one of the best lawyers in the country”. He has also been representing the Salling Group in a headline-grabbing case that is now pending at the Supreme Court concerning the interpretation of the Enforcement Directive when calculating damages from brand infringement and dilution. Also garnering glowing reviews is Inge Kirstine Skou, who has been advising Royal Unibrew on its trademark strategy and has “both broad and in-depth knowledge of branding issues”. Clients appreciate “her meticulousness and professionalism, as well as her pragmatic and dedicated approach”.

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