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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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A venerable IP institution, Banner Witcoff is a repository of unshakeable trust for a host of innovative companies with brands, which, whether lesser-known or famous, are pivotal to their business. A number of its 115-plus attorneys are stationed in Chicago, where the boutique was founded more than 100 years ago, including principal shareholders Katie Laatsch Fink and Anna King, who link up for leading insurance company Allstate to protect and enforce trademarks – and advise on patent matters – and for audio electronics maker Shure, whose worldwide portfolio they manage. Doubling up as a counsellor and litigator, Fink has a broad strategic overview of her clients’ issues and resolves problems with impressive versatility. King works across the contentious/non-contentious divide with alacrity, but is best known for her refined prosecution skills. Richard Stockton is also on hand for percipient advice on all manner of IP questions; having prosecuted trademark, patent and design patent applications extensively, managed global portfolios and litigated extensively in court and at the USPTO, he knows all about effective rights protection. Having recently elevated Chicago attorneys Liz Brodzinski and Jake Webb to shareholder, the firm is doing an effective job of building from within.

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