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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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For corporate counsel at industry-leading companies, BakerHostetler’s highly developed IP offering is a godsend. Rich in trademark and copyright expertise, the large nationwide group can field all brand-related instructions and, in so doing, bring about desirable results. The fulcrum around which the practice turns is Cleveland-based Deborah Wilcox, who has been with the firm for over 33 years and now serves as national trademarks team leader. She understands clients’ priorities and is brilliant at brainstorming ways to harness brands and intellectual property to serve commercial ends, which is why corporate decision makers love having her on side. Wilcox enjoys a tremendous reputation among peers, as plentiful spontaneously offered feedback attests: “As well as being an extremely dedicated and bright lawyer, Deborah is a people person who works things out in a reasonable and business-friendly way. She is at the top of her game.” Anchoring the practice in Cincinnati, John Mueller is someone to whom clients and colleagues can delegate any IP task with complete confidence. Both lawyers have a thick address book of trusted IP contacts worldwide; Wilcox capitalises on this in handling Nordson Corporation’s international IP portfolio, as does Mueller on behalf of Technical Rubber.

Recommended - Firms

BakerHostetler’s richly resourced IP team is a go-to for a host of well-known brands. It secures and maintains watertight trademark protection globally with great efficiency, dispensing clear-cut, direct advice designed to make the lives of in-house counsel easier. Nancy Frandsen has helped to make the firm “one of the best in Pennsylvania” when it comes to brands. This “seasoned and excellent attorney” manages portfolios with alacrity and puts her smooth negotiation skills and impressive powers of persuasion to good use in disputes. Recently teaming up with Cleveland-based Deborah Wilcox, a fellow WTR 1000 member, she successfully defended Diebold Nixdorf in a Philadelphia trademark infringement, unfair competition and dilution case.

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BakerHostetler has a tight-knit trademark team in New York that not only plays a key role in the firm’s wider practice – contributions to which come from groups in Georgia, DC and Ohio – but itself also punches well above its weight. Making the firm a destination for wraparound prosecution, counselling, enforcement and litigation counsel is the popular Robert Horowitz, who comes in for vocal praise: “Red is an extremely intelligent, practical and personable lawyer, whose efficiency translates into low fees. He is a class act, with excellent instincts honed through long experience in law firm and in-house roles.” Key clients include Sony, for which he handles a broad array of matters, including transactions. Speaking of the commercial IP side, Horowitz is known for his “methodical and meticulous approach, which avoids the drama that can often destroy potential deals”. Also warmly endorsed, Heather McDonald is “one of the most creative, experienced and passionate anti-counterfeiting lawyers in the field”.

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