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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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“We also can always trust AWA Asia to give our client’s practical and efficient advice in China when called upon,” reports one committed counsel. The feedback from patrons is equally effusive: “They are on top of their game. It is the customised and personalised advice that makes them such an ideal partner”. The European IP establishment, which is over one century old, has an enviable China practice, headed by Hong Kong-based Ai-Leen Lim. The combination of specialised industry expertise and cross-continent market insight means that the team enjoys great success in the China IP portfolio management space and offers one of the most holistic protection schemes on the market. Under Lim’s stewardship, it assures clients that the quality of work will never be compromised. Her testimonials from service users and foreign correspondences are stellar: “She truly embodies everything I value and need when I look for an IP partner in China”. “Ai-Leen Lim is my most trusted foreign associate and I am honoured to call her a friend after all of the time and cases we have worked on together.”

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“Our preferred firm for all Danish trademark matters, AWA’s advice is always on point and very business-oriented,” reports one client. “Its assessments are excellent, delivered in a short turnaround time and the team readily makes itself available for urgent matters. They perform extremely well under pressure too and get great results.” With 19 offices globally, the IP powerhouse provides a comprehensive, internationally minded suite of services that few can rival. It is home to extremely skilled practitioners such as European Communities Trademark Association president Anette Rasmussen. “She has a deep understanding of the law, communicates brilliantly and gives solid, strong and practical advice. Anette handles all her matters in an efficient, commercially oriented way and is extremely successful. Clients trust her abilities implicitly and know that they need not be concerned when she takes a case on.” Key accounts include Starbucks and Sandoz International. With over two decades in the game, Claus Marcussen is a safe pair of hands for companies looking to protect their assets at home and abroad. He has abundant experience of international trademark applications, and has also chaired a seminar on the key differences between Chinese, US and EU trademark law and practice.

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“On every occasion, AWA provides a prompt and friendly service, and delivers high-quality technical advice that is underpinned by a deep sense of commercial understanding.” The leading IP powerhouse amasses great praise each year, and when taking a closer look at its impressive strength in-depth, comprehensive suite of services and geographical coverage, it is clear why. “Its practitioners are remarkable, hands-on and customer-orientated, traits that are also evident in their swift, distinct and thorough responses.” Epitomising all these qualities and more are Kristian Martinsson, Ann-Charlotte Jarvinen, Lars Pettersson and Ted Hagman. “A fantastic partner to those looking to protect their marks in Europe, Kristian has an outstanding command of the relevant legislation and provides timely, thoughtful advice. He also has great working knowledge of US legislation, which allows him to be thorough and holistic in his guidance. He is absolutely excellent, and his insights and strategic counsellor are immensely superior.” WTR 1000 newcomer Jarvinen also shows great dexterity on the non-contentious side. “She is knowledgeable, service-minded and quick. Her approach is fact-based, backed by great understanding of business realities and her recommendations also include opinions on the effects of hypothetical actions – a rare and valuable combination in a practitioner.” Pettersson and Hagman also receive glowing praise: “Fast and efficient, Lars is great to have on the other side of a dispute too. He is polite, straightforward and always on the lookout for win-win outcomes.” All-rounder “Hagman’s strength lies in the fact that he understands his client’s business models as well as their products and can advise accordingly. He gives clear explanations as to which route is the best and will always provide recommendations that have the best pay-out.”

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Following its 2019 merger with the AWA Group, leading boutique Pronovem has undergone a branding refresh and now operates under the name AWA Benelux. The move has not only expanded AWA’s presence into three new markets – thanks to Pronovem’s collective five offices across Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland – but also further cemented the IP powerhouse’s European footprint. The stacked team, led by Dominique Rifon, goes above and beyond to provide a first-class service to some of the country’s leading industrial project development corporations. The dual-qualified Rifon has “an excellent knowledge base and a solid understanding of clients’ needs”. He capitalises on time spent in-house to devise and execute commercially attuned brand protection strategies for the likes of Moulinsart, the company established to protect and promote the work of Hergé (creator of The Adventures of Tintin).

Firm Profile

AWA is a leading IP firm with over 370 employees across 21 offices in Belgium, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

We believe tomorrow is today’s emerging business – rising up from untapped potential within established industries and start-ups. No matter the size or industry, we help our clients create business out of their ideas and innovations.

AWA was founded in 1897 by Swedish engineer Anders Wilhelm Anderson. His initials form our company name and remind us of our proud history.

We supply a full offering of IP law services in prosecution, dispute litigation, aftermarket services, legal advice, strategy and commercialisation. Our IP professionals are experts in patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and domain names.

AWA has close to 200 IP specialists (including 70 European patent attorneys and 35 European trademark and design attorneys) helping over 4,300 clients in almost 60 countries with all aspects of their IP needs. Our management team is 55% women, 45% men.

What sets us apart

Global reach

AWA has a presence in Europe and Asia with an extensive network of qualified preferred partners. We can handle your IP needs throughout the world and follow up in real time.


Our people come from diverse backgrounds with practical industry knowledge. Their technical capability means that they understand the small details and how this differentiates you in the marketplace. AWA is 100% owned by the employees and we pride ourselves on our comprehensive trainee programme for future IP leaders.


We focus on the long term; building a business is a journey that requires strategy. We support companies throughout the corporate cycle to protect and enforce IP rights, but to also identify and capture the value of intellectual assets.

Digital innovation

We live in the digital era and are constantly looking at tools that reduce workload and save time. From the AWA Client Portal to our domain management services, we are innovating the IP tools of the future.

AWA Asia

Part of the AWA Group, AWA Asia supports and manages international clients’ IP needs throughout the region with a head office in Hong Kong – a location known for its successful business environment, world-class infrastructure and effective legal system.

Our Beijing office is our wholly owned licensed trademark agency, allowing us to file and enforce trademarks directly before the China Trademark Office and the administrative authorities, without the need to use local third-party agents.

Today China is one of the largest IP markets in the world and is increasingly being selected as a key venue for IP litigation by foreign and local entities alike.

AWA Asia has a strong value proposition that consists of an East-meets-West approach, with a bilingual and bicultural team of IP professionals (trademark lawyers, patent attorneys and IP strategists). Our international-level service delivery comes with deep local knowledge and is business minded, pragmatic and tailored.

An award-winning practice

We pride ourselves on our continuous rankings and awards for our work from leading industry publications such as Managing Intellectual Property, World Trademark Review, Intellectual Asset Management, The Legal 500, Chambers and Partners, World Intellectual Property Review, Expert Guides, Who’s Who Legal, Asia IP Experts and Asian Legal Business.

AWA’s promise to you, as a client or partner, stems from our mission. You can feel confident that we will deliver on our promise: “we create intellectual prosperity”.

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