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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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Alt Legal places customer service at the heart of its trademark management offering and is celebrated for the speed with which it handles support inquiries; its clients love the time savings it affords as much as they do the intuitiveness and connectedness of its platform for managing trademark filings on a global basis.

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Alt Legal is a distinctively different kind of IP docketing solution that focuses on making trademark professionals’ lives easier. Alt Legal is trusted by thousands of IP professionals at AM Law 200 firms, leading boutiques and Fortune 100 companies to manage millions of filings and deadlines daily. Over the last decade, Alt Legal has become the go-to solution for organisations seeking to automate and streamline their trademark management with a more modern docketing platform. 

Alt Legal’s platform goes beyond what IP professionals expect from legacy docketing systems, driving automation across the creation, management, and monitoring of trademark filings. Alt Legal has direct connections to the USPTO and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and integrates international trademark data to provide global trademark docketing coverage. Furthermore, Alt Legal’s modern and intuitive interface makes it easy to create customisable reports. Best of all, Alt Legal offers simple pricing based on portfolio size along with unlimited support, training, and data migration. 


About Alt Legal IP Docketing Software 

Alt Legal offers powerful features including:

  • Automated global trademark docketing: Alt Legal integrates global trademark office data to programmatically update matters and calculate deadlines. Alt Legal’s direct USPTO integration goes one step further to automatically add and update USPTO trademark filings and deadlines. 
  • Easy custom reporting: Alt Legal offers one-click customised reports and emails for internal and external updates. Frequently-run reports can be saved and updated with just a few clicks.
  • Automatic docket reports and calendar sync: Alt Legal automatically sends daily or weekly email alerts with upcoming deadlines and IP office updates so you can stay current without logging into Alt Legal. Alt Legal also syncs your deadlines to your external calendar to keep you up-to-date.
  • Free external access: Alt Legal provides unlimited ‘seats’ so that you can grant clients, foreign associates and outside counsel limited access to review their matters and create reports. 
  • USPTO TEAS filing tools: Alt Legal’s collaborative intake tools make it easy to securely collect information about new trademark applications and automatically transfer the information into a new Trademark Electronic Application System application form. 

Additional Alt Legal benefits include:

  • free and unlimited bulk migration and data transfers, including initial migration;
  • free and unlimited training and outstanding customer support available via phone, email, or chat;
  • flexible monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions; and
  • flexibility to docket other matter types, including domains, copyrights, and disputes.


About Alt Legal Trademark Protection

Alt Legal Trademark Protection seamlessly integrates with Alt Legal’s docketing software and provides a cost-effective way to monitor all your USPTO trademarks throughout key points in the prosecution process. Alt Legal Trademark Protection allows for early detection of potential infringement, giving you ample time to develop an enforcement strategy.

  • Trademark Application Match: Trademark Application Match monitors your entire US trademark portfolio using a proprietary algorithm that searches for potentially infringing new trademark applications and provides a weekly chart to help you quickly identify concerning applications.
  • Section 2(d) Trademark Watch: Section 2(d) Trademark Watch informs you when one of your USPTO marks is cited in an office action refusing a new application based on Section 2(d) likelihood of confusion, helping you identify potential infringement. It will also notify you if the new application is published for opposition, giving you another opportunity to address potential infringement.


About Alt Legal and Alt Legal Community

Alt Legal was started by a former Kirkland & Ellis attorney and paralegal who believed that current docketing systems were not tailored to trademark professionals’ needs and failed to provide a modern, data-driven experience. 

Aside from Alt Legal’s software solutions, Alt Legal is committed to developing a community of like-minded trademark professionals who enjoy sharing knowledge and resources and connecting with each other. These free resources include: 

  • Alt Legal Blog – Alt Legal’s blog is a go-to resource for all topics relating to trademarks and IP.
  • I Heart Trademarks Newsletter – Alt Legal’s weekly email newsletter contains legal updates, relevant job listings, and practice tips.
  • Alt Legal Webinars – Alt Legal offers free CLE webinars addressing important IP and trademark law topics. 
  • Trademark Administrators’ Exchange – Alt Legal hosts an email discussion forum for trademark administrators to share resources and learn from one another.
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