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Paperless boutique ABO IP brings a no-nonsense approach to trademark practice. Its talented set of lawyers and engineers is backed by state-of-the-art asset management software – a formula which produces “pragmatic, quality and cost-effective counsel that satisfies legal and business requirements”. Trio of partners Guilherme Abrantes, Andrew Bellingall and Eduardo Otero lead the way. Abrantes is the epitome of hands-on, as one client observes: “He is the most responsive counsel I have ever known – relentless in his work ethic, he can turn a case on its head quickly.” A commercially astute English lawyer with 25 years in the Brazilian game, Bellingall often acts as a strategic sounding board on important cross-border mandates. Otero knows how to construct successful far-reaching portfolios, but has a truly diverse practice, including work as a mediator on Brazilian trademark matters for WIPO.

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