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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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“One of the best in the country”, AAA Law is home to an “exceptionally strong team” that attracts “some of the most interesting and challenging work in the region”. Sterling results are achieved not only through seamless cooperation between the business law firm’s various departments, but also through effective collaboration with its Riga and Tallinn outposts. Leading these efforts is founder and senior partner Marius Jakulis Jason, who thrives at the intersection of IP and business law. For optimal portfolio management and strategy development, brand owners call upon Otilija Klimaitienė; while Aušra Pakėnienė fights tooth and nail to protect clients’ interests before the State Patent Bureau, EUIPO and the local courts. The side recently struck gold when it signed on Mantas Rimkevičius: “Sharp, open in his communication style and a fast thinker, Mantas is one of the most professional lawyers in the Baltics.”

Gold - Firms: enforcement and litigation

Gold - Firms: prosecution and strategy

A prime pick for all manner of trademark instructions, potent pan-Baltic player AAA provides “exceptional prosecution services” and “puts up a great fight in court”. Its A-to-Z offering has been significantly bolstered through a 2019 merger with one of Estonia’s largest trademark agencies, LASVET; and the dedication and client-centricity of its practitioners have won it the loyalty of a slew of A-listers. Epitomising this approach is enforcer par excellenceAlmar Sehver, “a true trademark professional” with “a real passion for his work. He is extremely active and can manage an incredible workload, while never failing to provide an excellent service”. Mikas Miniotas has masterminded countless customs and litigation campaigns; while precision prosecution is the metier of Ingrid Matsina. “Ingrid’s advice is thorough, timely and always relevant to her clients’ objectives,” reports one foreign associate. “She presents her advice clearly and unambiguously, allowing us to effectively report to our clients without the need to clarify or seek further information.” Rounding off the team is the “vastly experienced” Villu Pavelts, who has “a fantastic reputation as a trustworthy IP professional”. He has all aspects of prosecution on lock and is brilliant at devising future-proofed branding strategies.

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