Trademark filings rise to over 7.7 million

According to the official statistics from the 2010 China Trademark Annual Meeting, which was held on September 1 2010 in Xining, Qinghai Province, in July 2010 the number of trademark registrations in China had reached 7.702 million.
There are 4.956 million registered trademarks in the country, of which 4.022 million are valid - making China the first jurisdiction for:
  • the number of applications filed;
  • the number of applications examined; and
  • the number of valid registered trademarks.
The examination period for trademarks in China has been shortened to 17 months. By the end of July 2010, China had cumulatively registered 854,000 agricultural product trademarks and 866 geographical indications. In the first half of 2010, Chinese domestic applicants had filed 780 applications under the Madrid System for the international registration of marks, cumulatively reaching a total of 10,501 applications.
This marks the fifth consecutive year ranking China as eighth in the world for filings under the Madrid System and first among developing countries for trademark filings.
China Research Unit, Rouse, Beijing

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