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Featured in WTR and IAM Special Report Q4 2023: IP Disruptors 2024: The companies and people driving change and upending IP norms

25 January 2024

Tesla faces trademark obstacles for Cybertruck in Australia, Brazil and UK

WTR identifies trademark registrations that suggest Tesla may encounter legal hurdles in introducing its Cybertruck to the Asia-Pacific, European and South American markets.

06 December 2023

Tesla fails to establish earlier unregistered rights in GIGABIER

The case serves as a reminder that the mere announcement of a new product is not sufficient to prove unregistered trademark rights under Article 8(4) of Regulation 2017/1001.

14 November 2023

District court rules in favour of Tesla against second-hand car dealer

The court paid particular attention to the circumstances indicating the defendant’s bad faith.

13 September 2023

Tesla prevails in China; Pfizer urges collaboration; WIPO launches masters degree in IP – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at China proposing strengthened rights protection, IP Australia releasing guidance for classifying emerging technologies, and much more.

18 August 2023

Are you missing out on millions of dollars in brand value?

Better sustainability messaging could be the key to unlocking millions – if not billions – of dollars in brand value.

22 July 2023

Most valuable brands’ law firm networks: revealed

We reveal the law firms filing the highest number of trademarks and patents for the world’s 10 most valuable brands.

23 March 2023

Chinese firms behind a fifth of filings by world’s most valuable brands

Chinese representatives are filing almost a fifth of all trademarks for the world’s most valuable brands, according to WTR data analysis, but a drop in filings could lead to reduced partnership opportunities.

23 March 2023

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