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Federal Court decides BIG MAC and BIG JACK ‘beef’

While use of BIG JACK was likely to lead consumers to draw a comparison with McDonald's BIG MAC, this alone did not demonstrate an intention to adopt the mark for the purpose of misleading consumers.

12 December 2023

McDonald’s launches CosMc coffee shop brand; X seeks lawsuit dismissal; Lego and Epic Games collaborate – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a warning over counterfeit ‘Wonka’ and ‘Prime’ bars, Ulmer and Greensfelder merging, and much more.

08 December 2023

McDonald’s unsuccessful in opposition against MAC

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has failed to prevent the registration of the stylised mark MAC for retail and wholesale services relating to food and drink.

29 September 2023

McDonald’s v Supermac’s: Return of the (Big) Mac

The case highlights the importance of supplying sufficient and suitable evidence when defending a mark against a non-use revocation action before the EUIPO - even one as well known as BIG MAC.

02 February 2023

McDonald’s finally proves BIG MAC use, but what can brands learn from this long-running saga?

McDonald’s has won its second attempt to prove BIG MAC use before the EUIPO, but other brands should learn from its mistakes.

25 January 2023

McDonald’s exit from Kazakhstan could be sign of things to come

McDonald’s may not be the only big brand forced to exit Kazakhstan due to Russia-related supply chain issues, Saturday’s opinion argues.

21 January 2023

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