Organisation: European Commission

China, India and Turkey remain most problematic countries for EU rights holders, Commission report finds

Despite recent developments in enforcement, the scale, persistence and changing nature of counterfeiting in China, India and Turkey mean that problems continue to surpass progress, a recent EU Commission report warns.

25 May 2023

European Commission confirms SEP plans, with EUIPO to take on patent responsibilities

The European Commission has confirmed plans for a new regulation on standard essential patents (SEPs), which will see the EUIPO maintain a SEP register and create a competency centre to oversee a range of new responsibilities.

27 April 2023

Why trademark professionals should have their eyes on the European Commission’s SEP proposals next week

This year’s World IP Day is set to be used as the launching pad for an announcement that has been the subject of intense debate and lobbying in the patent community.

22 April 2023

EU moves closer to GI protection for crafts; US focus on IP abuses intensifies – legislation and policy watch (March 2023)

WTR’s monthly column tracks trademark and related policy developments, including the progress of major bills, from around the world.

07 March 2023

A boon or a burden? Report questions whether EU Digital Services Act will ease online enforcement efforts

A major new report has warned that IP-driven innovation hangs in the balance, with warnings that the European Commission’s Digital Services Act could complicate online enforcement efforts. Trademark professionals will be hoping that those fears are unfounded, argues our Saturday opinion.

25 February 2023

Cheaper products are growing target for counterfeiting, EUIPO report warns

Cheaper products are becoming a bigger target for infringement, as the value of fake goods detained in the European Union has dropped despite the quantity increasing, an EUIPO report has found.

19 December 2022

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