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“A shared future” – EUIPO head visits Ukraine to strengthen IP integration

In a historic visit, EUIPO executive director João Negrão has led a delegation to Kyiv in a bid to formalise the agency’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s integration into the EU IP system.

23 October 2023

Ex-EUIPO head suggests SEP role should not go to agency “with no experience in the field of patents”

António Campinos, president of the European Patent Office and a former executive director of the EUIPO, has written to the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee to voice concern over recent proposals on standard essential patents.

23 October 2023

European start-ups with trademark and patent filings over 10 times more likely to secure funding, study finds

A new study shows the huge benefits to start-ups of filing IP rights, and highlights the sectors and jurisdictions where such protections could be stronger.

18 October 2023

EUIPO Board of Appeal upholds refusal to register virtual firearm as a trademark

The board confirmed that a figurative mark representing a rifle, covering goods and services associated with virtual firearms and focused on the virtual environment, lacked any distinctive character.

13 October 2023

EUIPO: third-party second-hand sale of Testarossa automobiles does not constitute genuine trademark use

Ferrari SpA has been dealt a major blow in these long-running cancellation proceedings, with the Fifth Board of Appeal of the EUIPO cancelling the mark TESTAROSSA for “automobiles”.

06 October 2023

How to create a robust online anti-counterfeiting programme

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2023

Factors including the economic downturn, growth of online marketplaces and direct sales to consumers challenge existing anti-counterfeiting measures and make it easier for counterfeiters to target consumers directly.

03 October 2023

João Negrão begins mandate as EUIPO head, as office prepares for the future

João Negrão has officially taken up office as executive director of the EUIPO, identifying a number of focus areas as he looks to the office’s future.

02 October 2023

Legal Updates you may have missed: wins and fails for non-traditional trademarks

To kick off our latest series of pieces highlighting recent Legal Updates that you may have missed, we look at what it takes to register sound and position marks - and when applications for such marks did not make the grade.

02 October 2023

Greece: Enforcement actions urgently needed to take on uptick in digital fakes and offline fraud

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2023

Authorities are fighting tooth and nail to rewrite the country’s reputation as a hub for counterfeiters, but despite these efforts illicit traders continue to infiltrate digital and physical markets.

29 September 2023

France: EU legislation and amended national IP code prove a formidable combination

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2023

Rights holders rely on anti-counterfeiting authorities to expertly use legislative enforcement tools, protecting domestic IP at home and across the European Union.

29 September 2023

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