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USPTO, DPMA and EUIPO see filings decline; boom in UK filings abroad proves temporary

WTR analyses trademark filing trends at major North American and European registers.

20 February 2024

“Deeply distraught” – Ukrainian community reacts to EU rejection of Snake Island trademark

The EUIPO Board of Appeal has rejected a trademark relating to the viral slogan “Russian warship, go f*ck yourself”.

15 February 2024

Joint European Commission-EUIPO report on detentions of products infringing industrial and IP rights

Detentions of goods suspected of infringing industrial and IP rights at the EU border decreased by 15% compared to 2021. However, the value of the products increased by 11%.

08 February 2024

General Court rebukes Board of Appeal in LABKABLE opposition

The court rejected the board’s core argument that the conceptual differences between the signs at issue were sufficient to offset their aural and visual similarities.

06 February 2024


Featured in WTR and IAM Special Report Q4 2023: IP Disruptors 2024: The companies and people driving change and upending IP norms

25 January 2024

EUIPO: ‘iconic’ Prada triangle pattern is basic and commonplace

While Prada claimed that the pattern was ‘iconic’, it did not rely on the acquired distinctiveness of the sign - meaning that the EUIPO assessed only its inherent distinctiveness.

23 January 2024

General Court: Board of Appeal erred in maintaining LUTAMAX registration only for Class 5 sub-category

The court notably stressed that “dietary supplements adapted for medical or dietetic use” form a sufficiently clear category within Class 5.

22 January 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the EUIPO, and users must remain front of mind

This week we reported on concerns over the transparency of selection processes for senior leadership roles at the EUIPO. As the debate continues, and the office embarks on a busy year, it is critical that users remain central to all its endeavours.

20 January 2024

EU loses €16 billion a year to fake clothing, cosmetics and toys, EUIPO report finds

Counterfeit clothing, toys and cosmetics cost the European Union roughly €16 billion and 200,000 jobs a year between 2018 and 2021, a new EUIPO report estimates.

18 January 2024

EUIPO faces complaints over leadership selection process

A former candidate in the EUIPO leadership race has voiced concerns over the transparency of the selection process, following a complaint filed at the European Anti-fraud Office.

16 January 2024

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