Wedlake Bell

Legal technology is an area that is ever evolving. Digital is here to stay and will get faster and more complex. At Wedlake Bell we recognise this and to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry and the changes taking place, we are consistently developing our legal services to meet the demands and needs of our clients and our business.

Our collective mission is to ensure we use the right technologies in the best possible way. We are trying to make the smartest moves as opposed to invest in everything and are keen that everything we do adds real value both to our clients and to our business. We have already made strong progress and are building capabilities which are second to none.

We can bring the right mix of legal knowledge, capability, skills and technology to our work and have the potential to deliver really innovative solutions. We constantly test, invest in and embrace new technology in order to enable the delivery of legal services to clients, both faster and more cost-effectively.

Key technologies we are leveraging to drive forward our innovation are based around AI, Data Science, Automation, Workflows and Collaboration. Systems we use daily to deliver the best possible service include Thirdfort, which streamlines client onboarding; HighQ, for enhanced collaboration with client; and Docusign, which delivers speed, ease and convenience to our clients.

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