US Intellectual Property Alliance

Dear Intellectual Property Colleague: 

Intellectual Property is the key to the knowledge economy™ and the future of our country. In fact, IP is one of a handful of tenets embedded in the US Constitution. However, IP has many challenges to properly incent, not inhibit, innovation.  The US Intellectual Property Alliance (USIPA) non-profit has a mission to help the United States become a much better IP ecosystem for the benefit of all citizens. 

USIPA is launching innovative programs based on 20 years of success in Georgia and through the Georgia Intellectual Property AllianceWe will build on their collective accomplishments of increasing IP awareness, education, collaboration, diversity & inclusion. The USIPA will now take these programs nationwide, and we will bring national and local IP organizations together to maximize the best of all of them.

Working through the challenges of United States IP issues will not be easy. Nonetheless, with your help, we will execute upon our mission and build a world-class IP ecosystem that serves all classes of diverse creators, protectors and enablers in the United States to help all Americans get what they need as fast as possible and at a fair price.

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