Taiwan Advance Patent & Trademark Office

Taiwan Advance was founded in February of 1998 by Mr. Hung-Long, Wu. Ever since the first day of establishment, Taiwan Advance has maintained the principle of providing customized services to all different clients with the highest professionalism. Our goal has always been helping our clients turn their Intellectual Properties into their biggest assets in this competitive business environment. In order to do so, we provide customized services to each of them. We stand along side with our clients and really understand their needs in IP protection in their respective industries and also their business direction. With our experience, we are very capable of providing the accurate analysis and services on every aspect of IP protection including patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, copyright issues, future competition…etc. Because of our quality of services and flexibility, Taiwan Advance has earned the trust of many technology corporations in Taiwan and also the rest of the world. We are keen to offer the best services in IP protection to clients in every industry.

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