Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm

Tahota Law Firm was established in May 2000. After more than 20 years of sustained and rapid development, it has become a large comprehensive law firm covering China and connecting the world. It has offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Jinan, Kunming, Lhasa, Offices have been set up in major domestic and foreign cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Xining, Nanjing, Wuhan, Haikou, Urumqi, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Rangtang, Washington, Sydney, Kathmandu and Bangkok. The strength of the organization and each office is among the best in the local area.

Based on our unremitting investment in talent development, we have established a scientific and comprehensive training mechanism and always maintain an open and inclusive talent attitude. Tahota currently has more than 3,000 practicing lawyers and a total staff of more than 4,000. It ranks first in the Chinese legal industry and has been ranked among the top 100 global law firms. Most of Tahota's lawyers graduated from famous law schools at home and abroad. More than a hundred lawyers have doctorates. Many lawyers have multi-professional backgrounds, hold cross-border lawyer qualifications, and work in multiple languages.

The institutional layout that reaches the world and the talent echelon of outstanding talents give Tahota the opportunity to closely connect its own development with the construction of a new economic pattern in China and even the world. At present, Tahota has long-term provided high-quality and efficient professional services to more than 10,000 domestic and foreign customers, involving dozens of industries such as finance, real estate, aviation, high-end manufacturing, environmental protection, energy, medical care, commerce, tourism, and culture, including real estate, It has dozens of professional fields such as capital markets, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, and government legal advisors, and continues to expand into emerging fields such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, medical health, film and television entertainment, and responds to the early arrival of the digital economy era.

Systematic scientific management, refined professional division of labor, and efficient information-based cooperation give us more confidence to face the opportunities and challenges of the new era together with our customers. At present, Tahota has launched a large number of mature legal service products, and the firm is actively building more than a dozen cross-regional “legal service centers”. Empowering legal services with technology, Tahota's early deployment of informatization and intelligent business office and administrative support systems in the industry has made efficient docking and close collaboration across teams, provinces and even countries the norm. The law firm has set up a dedicated business research department as the knowledge management center of the entire firm. The Law School continues to provide momentum for Tahota lawyers to continuously extend the coverage of professional fields and improve the level of professional expertise along with the development of clients.

In 2005, Tahota was awarded the title of “National Outstanding Law Firm”. With more than 20 years of development, Tahota has also received widespread attention and recognition from international professional rating agencies and media such as Chambers, Asian Law Magazine (ALB), The Legal 500, Business Law, asialaw Profiles, IFLR 1000, LEGAL BAND and other international professional rating agencies and media. It has been ranked in authoritative professional rankings many times in a row.

In 2021, Tahota officially launched the "Second Five-Year Strategy" plan. In the new five years, we hope to build a law firm with efficient cross-domain collaboration, a leader in multi-core business, and in-depth customer service. Tahota is a "law + industry" law firm. The "International One-Stop Professional Service Center" is already under construction.

Covering the whole country and connecting the world; being peaceful but not arrogant, and being harmonious but different. In the longer term, we hope to build a more comprehensive, close and professional global legal service network, participate more deeply in China's rule of law construction process from a lawyer's professional perspective, and more actively participate in global economic and development changes with the power of multi-industry integration. among.


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