Shenzhen ScienBiziP Intellectual Property Agency Ltd

ScienBiziP is a multinational intellectual property comprehensive solution provider that gathers elites from all fields of the world. We provide one-stop professional services in the whole life cycle of intellectual property research, deployment, application, and monetization for all types of customers around the world.

ScienBiziP has about 600 multinational professionals, who are experienced lawyers, patent lawyers, patent agents, big data scientists, intellectual property experts and patent operation experts, etc. The core team has more than 30 years of relevant professional and practical experience. With locations in China, the United States, Japan and other major countries, ScienBiziP has the ability to provide multi-country patent application service and one-stop service process, which can effectively solve the problems that affect the quality of patents due to the transnational layout.

Different from the traditional intellectual property service that focuses only on the "patent application" itself, ScienBiziP provides a one-stop patent application service driven by big data and full patent life cycle management. Relying on the support of big data, in different stages of the patent life cycle, we will realize the optimization of each stage through professional solutions, and at the same time guide the front-end planning through the back-end operation practice, so as to improve the quality and value of the patent portfolio, maximize the return on investment of patent assets, realize the preservation and appreciation of enterprise technology and assets, and protect enterprise innovation achievements and effectively enhance market competitiveness.

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