Samāna Centre

Samāna Centre for Gender, Policy and Law, is a leading consultancy focused on equality, diversity, equity and inclusion (and related capacity building), in a multidimensional manner.  

The Centre based in India, works, as consultants / advisors to leading corporates, private equity and venture capital funds, accelerators and incubators, trade bodies, government entities, financial institutions, philanthropic organisations, educational institutions, startups, and all forms of business entities, across multiple geographies including Europe, Asia Pacific (including India), United States of America & United Kingdom, and the Middle East through six key verticals :

  1. Gender Impact Investing, ESG & Women’s / Transgender Economic Empowerment;
  2. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) in Projects, Programmes and Policy;
  3. Gender Mainstreaming in Philanthropy & CSR;
  4. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) at the Workplace Across Segments, with a specialisation in Gender & LGBTQ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion;
  5. Anti Sexual Harassment / PoSH Advisory including Child Safeguarding; &
  6. Advocacy on Related Laws & Policy.

The Centre creates strategic initiatives and solutions, across varied (quantitative and qualitative) parameters, customized to the relevant sector and also specifics of the organization, and believes in working in a collaborative manner with all stakeholders and across genders, to create workable solutions based on innovative thinking and an inclusive and pragmatic approach.

Samāna which means “equal” represents our vision - the progressive realization of the cherished Constitutional (and fundamental) Right to Equality, and the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality outlined by the United Nations. 

The Centre was founded by Aparna Mittal, a leading lawyer with over eighteen years of experience in practicing law in India.

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