Red Points

Red Points is the world’s first brand intelligence platform. By combining online brand protection, copyright enforcement, and distributor monitoring capabilities, Red Points gives you full visibility into brands’ presence online. Over 900 companies rely on Red Points to fight fakes, piracy, impersonations, credential reselling, and distribution abuse online, allowing them to maintain control, improve their brand value, and increase revenues.

With offices in New York, Barcelona, Beijing and Salt Lake City, Red Points has disrupted an industry traditionally led by intellectual property lawyers and service providers with a scalable, cost-effective solution. We serve leading global brands as well as smaller innovators across a variety of sectors, from sports, cosmetics, fashion, entertainment and many more.

The key to our success is our investment in technology and product to make our solution incredibly intuitive, effective and easy to use. With one click on a validation card, our technology can enforce intellectual property rights and remove issues from global online marketplaces.

Red Points offers the fastest, most comprehensive and cost-effective solution on the market, trusted by brands all over the world, with a 99% retention rate.

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