OpSec Security

OpSec Security is the world leader in brand integrity, with authentication solutions secure enough for even the most stringent government and high-security requirements

After decades of leadership in brand protection technology, OpSec grew to become the leading provider of fully integrated brand and document security, providing companies and governments with myriad solutions to help our customers ensure brand quality, reputation, and integrity. 

OpSec Security is the industry leader in providing uncompromised OVD security to governments across the globe to better collect taxes, enforce laws, and enhance revenue all at once. OpSec is a leading innovator in online brand and digital content protection, offering our clients end-to-end safeguards against counterfeiting, piracy, and unauthorized usage. 

We continue to innovate, finding increasingly advanced ways to meet an ever-growing range of threats. With a network of global partners and agents, we’ve aligned the best experts in the world to build your programs. Even as the counterfeiters, pirates, and other bad actors employ more sophisticated ways to damage your brand, we never stop getting better at protecting it. With locations across the globe serving a worldwide client base, the experts at OpSec deliver the most advanced technological solutions with world-class customer support.

OpSec has a global footprint and supports its customers from design, technology, engineering and service centers around the world.


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