Lee and Li Attorneys at Law

The history of Lilly can be traced back to the 1940s. At that time, Li Zemin, one of the founders of Lee & Li, practiced together with two American lawyers in Shanghai, and the other founder, Li Chaonian, also practiced in Shanghai.

In 1953, Lawyer Li Zemin opened a firm in Taipei City, while Lawyer Li Chaonian joined in 1965 and practiced jointly with Lawyer Li Zemin, co-chairing the firm. After Mr. Li Zemin passed away in 1970, Mr. Li Chaonian officially named the firm "Lee and Li" for the sustainable operation of the firm. At that time, the number of employees in the firm was about 30, and it continued to undertake transnational legal affairs and intellectual property rights.

Building on the foundation laid by its predecessors, Lee & Li has grown to become the largest law firm in Taiwan. Lee & Li has abundant human resources, and its expertise covers various legal fields. It strives to provide a full range of services and contribute expertise to clients and the country and society. In 2004, in order to consider the firm's sustainable operation and inheritance of experience, and to strengthen its operational efficiency and enhance its competitiveness, the firm's organization was refined and renovated in 2004. From January 1, 2005, the executive partner Chen Changwen served as the director and concurrently as the first CEO, and Mr. Li Guangtao served as the chief senior consultant; from 2008, the executive partner Chen Changwen continued to serve as the director, and lawyer Li Nianzu served as the executive director. On January 1, 2009, Mr. Li Guangtao, the chief senior consultant, retired and was appointed as the special chief senior consultant of the firm. After Mr. Li Nianzu served as the second to the fourth CEO, he was appointed by the director, Mr. Chen Changwen, as the deputy director of the firm from January 1, 2017, and Mr. Li Jiaqing took over as the fifth CEO. From 2019, lawyer Chen Changwen stepped down as the director and changed the title of the original executive partner to senior partner, and the director was taken over by lawyer Li Nianzu. The number of Lee and Li has continued to increase after the organization's refinement and transformation, covering various professional fields. Based on the solid foundation accumulated over decades, it continues to contribute expertise to clients and the country and society.


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