JAH Intellectual Property

At core we are a client-oriented business that is strategically focused on delivering high-quality, prompt and precise services tailor made to suit your needs. We have over 20 years of expertise operating the nuances of the Middle Eastern and African IP domain with our own offices in majority of the jurisdictions that come under our purview fiercely protects and enforces its clients’ rights and is a leader in this area of intellectual property in the region. Our clients include companies of all sizes, from small businesses to members of the Fortune 100, associates and legal firms and a wide variety of allied IP service providers.

We will help you determine the strength of your intellectual property rights so you can fully realize its value in your business strategy and reinforce that strength with services customized specifically to meet your current needs and long-term plans. Our plethora of services include searches, registrations, renewals, recordals, due diligence, anti-counterfeiting, litigation etc.

Apart from core operations in the MENA we also have an extensive network of well-established relationships with many of the most highly regarded and experienced agents and law firms across mainland Africa who operate as per JAH standard and supervision. We have reduced clients’ risk and workload by managing trademark portfolios in a region of the world in which many companies and law firms have encountered serious problems with IP protection in general.


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