What makes Garrigues different?

A single firm with a common culture in 13 countries across 4 continents; a natural leader in the main areas of business law; a team dedicated to delivering added value to clients and the most innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment; and the trust of many of the major companies in the markets in which we operate have made us a firm of choice in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Garrigues is an international tax and legal services firm that provides business law advice on the main economic scenarios of the global marketplace. Since its creation in 1941, the firm has been noted for its international outlook and innovative nature. Our team is made up of two thousand people of twenty-four different nationalities who, under a single integrated management team and with the same quality standards, operate across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, where we have a well-established office and team structure.

All Garrigues lawyers share the same hallmarks: empathy with the client, ongoing dedication to understanding client needs and strict compliance with ethical standards. These qualities, together with their broad experience, training and availability, make us one of the most prestigious and professional law firms in the industry. Garrigues is one of the largest international law firms and among the top law firms worldwide. Present in thirteen countries, our team of experts provides business law advice on the most relevant and complex transactions in the market.


  • Experience and prestige: we can boast more than seventy-five years at the forefront of the tax and legal services industry, playing an active role in legal and economic life
  • Independence and ethical values: our work is governed by strict ethical principles and an in-house code of ethics that ensure the transparency and independence of our services..
  • Technical expertise and specialization: the ongoing training of our professionals is a strategic value. Our team is made up of experts in more than thirty practice areas and industry groups, with up-to-date knowledge of new market and business models.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: our relations with our clients are informed by trust and empathy. The aim is to offer a bespoke service, in keeping with the needs of each particular engagement.
  • Rapid response time and anticipation: we offer full availability and the capability to always be one step ahead. We know that flexibility is the key to success in an ever-changing global environment.
  • Knowledge management and technological innovation: we are aware of the important role of information and technology in the 21st century business world. We have an efficient knowledge management system and have all necessary technical resources at our disposal to offer the best advice.

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