Fairsky Law Office

Fairsky is a Chinese law firm featuring IP services and commercial dispute resolution. Our leading professionals have profound knowledge and practical experiences, widely recognised by clients around the world.

In ancient Chinese dictionaries, 允 means faith and integrity, and 天 means the top above all. 允天 Fairsky symbolises our primary vision of adhering to the highest moral and professional standards, being faithful to clients and upholding client’s legitimate rights.

We have strong prosecution and litigation practices in both patent and trademark fields. But besides being an IP agency, a litigation firm, we are more of an IP solution adviser for businesses. We help maximise the value of IP assets by building customised strategies for clients with various needs and at various sizes.

Fairsky values clients equally. We customise our services to meet different needs and different budgets. We strive to provide cost-effective and business applicable solutions in a timely manner. Our one-point contact service mode ensures clients’ convenience and feeling at ease.


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