Com Laude

Unique among registrars, Com Laude provides Client-Shaped Domain Services meaning that we place the individual needs of each of our clients at the heart of our operation.

Established in 2004, Com Laude delivers an exceptional customer experience to brand owners seeking strategic domain name services.

Our leadership team, with many decades of industry experience, is directly involved in the day-to-day business. Our Domain Strategists are domain experts that strategically manage your portfolio ensuring it is shaped to meet your business needs.

Our extensive knowledge informs the advice we provide to each and every client – advice provided in many different languages, including most European languages, Japanese and even Swahili. Where other providers may outsource to anonymous agents in distant locations, our team of Domain Strategists provide all aspects of our service personally, establishing a close and trusting business partnership that is truly client-shaped.

A global organisation, we have a network of seven offices across Europe, North America and Asia.

We support Intellectual Property, IT and Marketing professionals to take control of their domain portfolios, secure their on-line presence and address digital brand infringement.

We serve clients in many sectors including: Automotive, Banking, Bio-tech, Consumer Goods, Engineering, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Gaming, Luxury, Media, Pharma, Retail, Sport, and Wellness. We also work with the world’s leading law firms, government organisations, and smaller companies who need to protect commerce critical domains.

Our solutions help our clients maximise their ability to conduct business online with strategic domain name management, protection against cyber-attacks, and by counteracting digital brand infringement.

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