The ClarkeModet Group is a leader in services related to Industrial and Intellectual Property in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries thanks to a pioneering and innovative vocation of international expansion.

Born in Spain in 1879, the current structure of 1892 being the result of the merger of Clarke y Cía. of Mr. Alberto Clarke with the General Agency of Patents and Trademarks of Mr. José Gómez-Acebo.

In the 40s the opening of commercial offices began to be closer to customers and in the 60s is when the international expansion began with the creation of subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Venezuela and Mexico.

Thirty years later, the deployment continues with the constitution of the companies of Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. In addition, during all this time, the opening of new commercial offices throughout the territory of the countries where the Group is present continues. The Alicante office (1995) has the peculiarity of being the operative center of all the files of our clients before the EUIPO.

Thanks to this, today we have a unique structure that combines a direct presence through our own companies in the 10 main Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries and an international network of experts with worldwide coverage.

The key to our success: constant adaptation and anticipation of market needs to become the strategic ally of our clients, anticipating their needs with our own methodologies and innovative solutions that allow us to be at the forefront of Industrial and Intellectual Property.

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