Dior’s Travis Scott collection illustrates the potential pitfalls of celebrity collaborations

Dior has found itself in the media spotlight over its upcoming collaboration with Travis Scott, but it will not be the last brand grappling with how to react when a celebrity relationship attracts news headlines for the wrong reasons, notes our latest Saturday opinion.

13 November 2021

Demands for corporate environmental action are here to stay, bringing both opportunity and risk

COP26 and efforts to avert a climate change catastrophe have dominated media headlines this week. Greenwashing accusations have also been made, sending a warning to companies.

06 November 2021

Cleveland Guardians legal spat highlights rebranding risks

This week the Cleveland Guardians roller derby team filed a lawsuit that seeks to prohibit the Cleveland MLB team from using the same name.

30 October 2021

A danger to millions: why counterfeiting should be included among crimes against humanity

With a petition set for the International Criminal Court, it is about time the dangers of counterfeit goods are considered among the list of crimes against humanity, argues our Saturday opinion.

23 October 2021

Superbuy and WeGoBuy need to be on counterfeit enforcement radars

Two of the biggest Chinese shipping agents appear to be helping to make buying counterfeits more convenient and therefore worsening the battle against fakes, argues our Saturday opinion.

16 October 2021

Why now is the time to engage with brand valuations

The need for trademark professionals to engage with clients on brand value has been an industry discussion point for a number of years. But failure to engage in the immediate term could see the door permanently locked in the future.

02 October 2021

USMCA or FTA, UK GI regime will be defining factor in talks with US

Prospects of a trade deal and speculation that the United Kingdom could join the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement have dominated coverage of the UK prime minister’s trip to Washington DC.

25 September 2021

Ray-Ban Stories is one to watch

Facebook and Essilor Luxottica’s cutting-edge smart glasses are a bold new move in wearable tech – and one that trademark owners should keep an eye on.

18 September 2021

Why Washington Football Team should stick with temporary name

As the 2021 NFL season gets underway, the shortlist of new names for the Washington Football Team has narrowed – but change may not be the best option.

11 September 2021

USTR launches notorious market comment period as online counterfeiting remains hot button political issue

Rights holders would be wise to engage with the USTR’s calls for comments ahead of the next notorious markets list, argues our latest Saturday opinion column.

04 September 2021

An unacceptable approach: Indian bar associations urged to tackle bad practice trend

Having been aggressively berated by IP law firms after receiving legal notices, law firm leader Ashok Ram Kumar calls for Indian bar associations to do more to tackle bad practice.

28 August 2021

As evidence of plain packaging ineffectiveness grows, a less brand-restrictive alternative must be considered

In an exclusive opinion column, Axess Technologies chair Richard Jotcham gives an alternative perspective on plain packaging since it was first introduced for tobacco products nearly a decade ago.

21 August 2021

Brand professionals are left in a tight spot as price becomes primary factor in purchasing IP services

Price has become the primary consideration when choosing IP service provider offerings, our upcoming WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel Report reveals. This week’s Saturday opinion column ponders the implications.

14 August 2021

‘.brand’ withdrawals approach the 100 milestone but don’t write off the project

We reflect on the ’.brand’ project and what conclusions to draw from recent termination requests in our latest Saturday opinion column.

07 August 2021

The billionaire space race tells us more about personal brands than orbital spaceflight

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we reflect on the contrasting coverage surrounding Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson’s race to space.

31 July 2021

Headlines suggest Toyota is shying away from Olympics, but reality is very different

In this week’s opinion column, we reflect on the news that Toyota is scaling back its promotional activity around the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

24 July 2021

Sugar and salt tax today, brand restrictions tomorrow? The evidence would suggest so

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we consider calls for a £3 billion sugar and salt tax in the United Kingdom and whether this could be the start of renewed momentum towards brand restrictions.

17 July 2021

INTA’s Iceland case amicus brief throws the spotlight on the registrability of country names as trademarks

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we scrutinise the amicus brief submitted by INTA on the registrability of country names as trademarks.

10 July 2021

In the wake of the NCAA’s new approach to image rights, student-athlete brand building is about to step up like never before

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we consider the implications of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s adoption of an interim name, image and likeness policy.

03 July 2021

Why the view of brand valuation needs to change for environmental groups to achieve full potential

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we ask why more environmental organisations are not engaging in brand valuation.

26 June 2021

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