Collapse in brand loyalty calls for refocus on values

The cost-of-living crisis means that an increasing number of UK consumers are prioritising saving money above shopping with their favourite brands. Clear brand values are the only way to survive the upheaval.

14 May 2022

Lessons from the USPTO’s war on rule-breaking trademark practitioners

In this week's opinion, McCabe & Ali partner Emil J Ali looks at what recent disciplinary orders from the USPTO in the past few months tell us about its approach to trademark law.

07 May 2022

Ukraine fundraising initiatives illustrate the positive power of the trademark community

From Brand Action for Ukraine to job support and lawyers rocking out to help those affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, recently established initiatives serve as a reminder of the positive power that can be wielded by the trademark community.

23 April 2022

Companies seeking Gen Z appeal makes legal-marketing dynamic more important than ever

A recent study has found that Gen Z consumers want to use third-party intellectual property to create online content. The findings have a number of implications for trademark professionals, argues our latest Saturday opinion.

16 April 2022

Why Netflix's simplicity is an example for other brands to follow

In our Saturday opinion, Siegel+Gale EMEA’s Sophie Lutman reflects on the vital lessons that Netflix teaches about keeping brands simple.

09 April 2022

Company diversity policies are in the crosshairs but efforts to foster inclusion in the legal industry shouldn’t be deterred

Companies must not be knocked off track in their efforts to foster inclusion in the legal sector, argues this week’s Saturday opinion.

02 April 2022

The 10 Commandments of trademark commentary: a community resource

This week’s opinion piece offers a free-to-view rundown of the 10 golden rules to follow, which we encourage the community to share.

26 March 2022

“Meaningless, destructive and difficult”: why the legal profession needs to change its priorities to protect mental health

The biggest roadblock to improving mental health in the legal profession is the failure to recognise that a lawyer’s worth cannot be measured in billable hours, argues Derek LaCroix, executive director of the Lawyers Assistance Program of British Columbia.

19 March 2022

New research uncovers importance of brand values, at a time when few companies can escape scrutiny

The data adds to the body of research evidencing how brands are uniquely placed to drive change and why they can no longer be passive actors.

12 March 2022

LA City Attorney’s high-profile counterfeiting victory highlights benefits of working with local prosecutors

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has secured a 10-year permanent injunction and $3.6 million in civil penalties against six large-scale sellers of counterfeits.

05 March 2022

Innocent advert ban highlights how careful brands must be when marketing green credentials

The UK’s Advertising Standards Association upheld complaint about environmental claims by Innocent is an important one for brand counsel to consider.

26 February 2022

Class 9 needs a major overhaul – and fast

Class 9 is already overcrowded. The rise of virtual goods in the metaverse will only make things worse.

19 February 2022

A record nobody wants: UDRP actions continue upward march

New data from WIPO has revealed a record level of UDRP work in 2021. Few brand protection professionals will welcome the increase, which has significant budget implications, argues this week’s opinion.

12 February 2022

Brands can’t ignore NFTs, but must tread carefully

The temptation may be to regard NFTs as a passing fad, but the reality is that many brands are already dipping their toes into the market – as are infringers. As such, trademark professionals have to be monitoring the space.

05 February 2022

A system for WHOIS data access is a long way off, could be expensive for users and may still stall

ICANN’s operational design assessment of the SSAD recommendations makes for grim reading for brand protection professionals, with the proposed system to facilitate WHOIS data access set to be years in the making – if it is delivered at all.

29 January 2022

Why the SPECTACLES trademark case is one to watch

With technology company Snap taking the USPTO to court for rejecting the registration of a SPECTACLES trademark, Phillips Nizer partner Alan Behr outlines his thoughts on the dispute in our latest opinion column.

22 January 2022

Unilever investor criticism highlights balancing act for brands

Criticism of Unilever’s sustainability focus by a major shareholder should not be taken at face value, argues our latest opinion column.

15 January 2022

Why IP office innovation matters

Our latest opinion column explores why IP office innovation truly matters in the office landscape – for users, governments and the wider economy.

08 January 2022

2022: the year of green IP – and so much more than patents

This week the US president committed to making the government carbon-neutral by 2050. As similar targets are set around the world, the next 12 months will see an escalation in green IP – with branding a key component, argues this week’s opinion column.

11 December 2021

Why internal championing efforts have never been more important for brand professionals

We reflect on the findings of the latest WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel report and the internal pressures making brand creation and enforcement work more challenging in our latest opinion column.

04 December 2021

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