Are algorithms making trademarks obsolete?

A new academic paper argues that algorithms which do our shopping for us should make brand professionals consider how trademarks hold their value when no one sees them.

24 February 2024

How an IP head built a culture of female empowerment – starting with a high tea

In this week’s Saturday opinion column, Nutromics' head of intellectual property recalls the event that marked the beginning of a unique women's initiative, and argues that female leaders who are vulnerable can be the best mentors.

17 February 2024

AI inventor Stephen Thaler urges courts to recognise "sentient" systems

In an exclusive interview, Stephen Thaler claims that the IP system needs an overhaul to recognise the creativity of “sentient” AI technology and to promote innovation across industries.

03 February 2024

Why Madrid may not be your best strategy in the US

Potomac Law Group partners argue the main disadvantages of Madrid Protocol filings in the United States.

27 January 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the EUIPO, and users must remain front of mind

This week we reported on concerns over the transparency of selection processes for senior leadership roles at the EUIPO. As the debate continues, and the office embarks on a busy year, it is critical that users remain central to all its endeavours.

20 January 2024

Protected food names are in demand: what do producers need to know?

Clear guidance on the value of protected food and drink name status is vital to ensure businesses have the right amount of protection and are prepared to use it when needed, argues this week’s Saturday opinion.

13 January 2024

AI booms as overall filing activity returns to normal – 2023 at major trademark offices

Clarivate’s director of content strategy, IP, Robert Reading, reflects on the year’s biggest filing trends – and offers his predictions on what to expect from applicants in 2024.

26 December 2023

Women in Iran need greater IP support

In this week’s Saturday opinion, an IP practitioner in Iran offers her observations on the value of intellectual property to local women entrepreneurs and progress in the field.

16 December 2023

Microsoft AI fights for its rights

Microsoft’s AI chatbot fights for its right to be recognised as a creator, but blames humans for any infringement arising from its own knowledge gaps, in this week’s opinion column.

09 December 2023

Why admin fees could help to incentivise IP mediation

European legislators need to adopt a hybrid approach to make mediation the first choice in IP dispute resolution, argues the director of Portuguese IP arbitration centre ARBITRARE.

02 December 2023

Connections: the making of a memorable and effective IP conference

In this week’s Saturday opinion, WTR reflects on the opportunities that the APAA conference and INTA Annual Meeting have provided Asia-based IP practitioners this year.

25 November 2023

Brand enforcement in the ‘.ai’ domain space needs to be a priority

New research finds major brands exposed in the ‘.ai’ TLD space, meaning that it needs to be at the top of the domain monitoring list – before it’s too late.

11 November 2023

How responsible AI could democratise the trademark search and registration process

In this week’s Saturday opinion column, Haloo CEO Julie MacDonell argues that the most profound disruption AI could have on the IP industry lies in the radical reinvention of government IP offices’ trademark processes. However, the technology must be used responsibly.

28 October 2023

Why it is more crucial than ever for corporate trademark departments to promote themselves

As the deadline to nominate for the 2024 WTR Industry Awards approaches, our Saturday opinion column discusses why it is paramount for IP departments to promote themselves as their own brand.

21 October 2023

Wishful thinking on AI runs the risk of IP professionals losing their competitive edge

A recent survey on AI perceptions in the IP community reveals conflicting views on the impact the technology will have. Some firms are in danger of being left behind.

14 October 2023

Why 2024 may finally be the year Canada turns the corner on its examination backlog

Canadian applicants may have cause to be hopeful, opines Deeth Williams Wall LLP’s Gary Daniel.

07 October 2023

While grabbing fewer headlines than a decade ago, 3D printing needs to remain on the brand protection radar

New research reveals continued growth in 3D printing innovation and activity.

30 September 2023

Chick-fil-A has its work cut out as it bids to become a major player in the UK

Chick-fil-A’s second attempt to crack the UK market will require a more-than-canny brand protection strategy if it truly expects to compete, given its past reputational issues in the country, argues this week’s opinion column.

23 September 2023

In the race to be a hub of innovation, the UK risks falling behind in its AI capabilities

A new legal framework may be required to govern AI and IP rights, especially in a globalised digital economy.

16 September 2023

Are we on the verge of finally resolving student-athlete NIL issues?

Johnny Football, legislators and the NCAA are keeping the issue of name, image and likeness rights in the headlines, but are we any closer to national legislation?

09 September 2023

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