Louis Vuitton takedown spree, Poundland relaunches Twin Peaks bar, and a proposal for next round of ‘.brand’ TLDs: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a Malaysian minister promoting the Madrid Protocol, food conglomerates moving to revamp their portfolios, and more.

Louis Vuitton takedown spree, Poundland relaunches Twin Peaks bar, and a proposal for next round of ‘.brand’ TLDs: news round-up
12 Oct 2018

Coca-Cola dispute sparks censorship debate, Alfred Dunhill scores big in China, and Belt and Road IP cooperation: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at how brands should share bad news, why Chinese companies have been accused of “poor branding”, Silk Road member states strengthening IP cooperation, and more.

11 Oct 2018

E-commerce law aims to end the tug of war over online liability, but risks remain

With the E-commerce Law soon to take effect in China, brand owners take stock of the significant effect on online enforcement efforts.


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15 Oct 2018

UDRP complainants beware: personal names must be trademarks to benefit from UDRP

A recent decision involving the domain name ‘’ highlights that the UDRP was simply intended to provide relief to trademark holders, not to address matters such as defamation or other torts. Read more

15 Oct 2018

Genericism: is the trademark education video the new norm?

The recent Velcro video was highly successful in generating discussion about the use of the company’s trademark, providing crucial insight into brand communication strategies. Read more

12 Oct 2018

China's Supreme People's Court releases regulations on Internet Courts – key points highlighted

China's Supreme People's Court has promulgated regulations clarifying the jurisdiction of the Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou Internet Courts, as well as various procedural matters pertinent to the adjudication of cases by these courts. Read more

11 Oct 2018

Beating head against the wall - UDRP panel finds reverse domain name hijacking of ‘’

In a recent decision under the UDRP, a WIPO panel has made a finding of reverse domain name hijacking, finding that the complainant's claim was artificial and untethered to facts or the plain wording of the UDRP. Read more


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2 Oct 2018

Philippines IP Office to begin mandatory mediation, Donuts adds rights protection feature, and KFC versus KKFC: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at the USPTO collaborating with Saudi IP authorities, a reported rise in fake Irish whiskey, the Kenyan government blaming border countries for its fakes problem, and much more. Read more

28 Sep 2018

Worldwide spread of plain packaging revealed, TMview expands, and brake pads made of grass: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a study into the accidental purchases of fakes, the Fiji government stepping into a trademark dispute, Kyrgyzpatent warning about use of unregistered marks, two ‘.brands’ calling it quits, and much more. Read more

20 Sep 2018

Calling all brand owners: act quickly if you want to help shape the future of online enforcement

In this guest post, Brian J Winterfeldt, president of ICANN’s Intellectual Property Constituency, outlines why it is critical that rights holders contribute to an ICANN survey about online enforcement, which closes at the end of next week. Read more

18 Sep 2018

Most relevant brands in China, OAPI hosts IP celebration, and Trademark Licensing Protection Act in the spotlight: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at the IP office of Chile extending deadlines for Japanese applicants, the WHOIS reform group at loggerheads, Indonesia stepping up anti-piracy efforts, and much more. Read more


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8 Oct 2018

How internet policy is shaping brand protection: issues to track in the ICANN world

ICANN policy making has not always been followed closely by most rights holders, but a strong say from brand owners is essential as key policies are developed. Read more

5 Oct 2018

Seven "dirty words" now acceptable in ‘.us’

The registry operator of the ‘.us’ domain name and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration have lifted a prohibition on the so-called "seven dirty words" in '.us' domain name registrations. Read more

5 Oct 2018

Why brand owners hold the key to tackling IP misreporting and misrepresentation

In our latest opinion column, we consider how the trademark industry can meaningfully tackle media misperceptions of IP protection and enforcement. Read more

4 Oct 2018

Descriptive explanation narrowly wins: L’Oréal fails to obtain transfer of ‘’

In a recent decision under the ‘.au’ Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, a panel has refused to order the transfer of the domain name ‘’ to L’Oréal, the owner of numerous URBAN DECAY marks. Read more


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5 Apr 2018

The online enforcement burden rises as new challenges emerge

This year’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey reveals that the online policing burden is intensifying, with new threats adding to the headache experienced by brand protection professionals. Read more

15 Feb 2018

Logan Paul fiasco shows risk for brands on YouTube; research reveals more YouTubers seeking trademark protection

Recent incidents have demonstrated why brands must be careful when advertising on YouTube. New research also reveals that YouTube's content creators are increasingly obtaining registered trademark protection. Read more

8 Dec 2017

US retail brands are teeming with life despite the so-called 'retail apocalypse': exclusive data analysis

World Trademark Review takes an in-depth look at the retail sector. As one of the most dynamic branding environments of any industry sector, we analyse how the top brands in this field have performed. Read more

13 Oct 2017

As remarkable growth of sports industry continues, exclusive data analysis reveals the key trademark trends

From today, World Trademark Review will be producing a new series of industry-specific data reports. We start with a deep dive into sports and sporting goods. Read more


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12 Sep 2018

The future of trademarks

Global brand owners face increasing challenges in protecting, managing and enforcing their IP rights. These include challenges arising from new technologies, new business models and new markets. Read more

12 Sep 2018

Trademark procedures and strategies: France

Any natural person or legal entity can apply for a French trademark before the French Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI). The application can be filed by the owner itself or its representative. Read more

12 Sep 2018

IP infringement on social networks: landscape analysis of trends and threats

The counterfeit industry is one of a kind: it makes a fortune out of fake goods, while free-riding on the reputation of well-known brands.  Read more

11 Sep 2018

INTA: a truly international association

INTA’s advocacy and engagement activities have continued to accelerate in response to the growing effect of the globalisation of trade, the emergence of the Internet and advances in communication technology.  Read more

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