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In the race to be a hub of innovation, the UK risks falling behind in its AI capabilities

A new legal framework may be required to govern AI and IP rights, especially in a globalised digital economy.

16 September 2023

WIPO IP perceptions research leads to new youth action plan to increase awareness

A major new study into perceptions of intellectual property has revealed that two-thirds of consumers have a positive view of the role that intellectual property plays in their economy.

15 September 2023

INTA files amicus brief in TRUMP TOO SMALL case; Diesel wins dispute; Wilko brand sold – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Netcraft acquiring FraudWatch, a watermelon wedge trademark cancellation being upheld, and much more.

15 September 2023

Corsearch launches ChatGPT-powered brand name generator

Corsearch’s new name generator and clearance tool points to an IP services industry embracing the possibilities of generative AI.

14 September 2023

How the Seiko Epson IP division directly supports commercial growth

A 200-strong IP division supports innovation and business growth at one of the world’s biggest printer technology companies.

14 September 2023

EU Parliament approves GI protection for crafts and industrial products

The EUIPO will oversee GI protection of crafts and industrial products, under legislation approved yesterday by the European Parliament.

13 September 2023

TikTok Shop continues global rollout, pushing back on counterfeit claims

Brand owners are being warned to “diligently police” TikTok Shop after its US launch this week.

13 September 2023

USPTO delays post-registration provisions; BPTO disinformation warning – IP office updates

In this latest update, the Indian IP authority is asked to report on regulations for IP agents, the Hong Kong IP department celebrates 25 years of its “No Fakes Pledge”, and much more.

13 September 2023

“Artists stand no chance”: viral painter speaks out after takedowns from Hasbulla, Post Malone and Warner Bros

Popular Instagram artist Rory Paints laments what he perceives as a David versus Goliath situation between artists and major brands.

12 September 2023

Morgan & Morgan secures #LAW mark; Northern Pacific Airways rebrands; metaverse bubble ‘popped’ – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Grupo Modelo ending a licensing dispute over Modelo Reserva-branded beers, the LEGO Group seeking corporate counsel, and much more.

12 September 2023

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