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Something’s got to give: IP industry must rethink workload expectations or risk losing talent

Most IP professionals are experiencing serious stress or anxiety, a new mental health report warns. Workplace initiatives to support employees are improving, but more needs to be done to tackle the problem at its roots.

24 October 2022

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: May-August 2022

Featured in Prosecution

Chinese companies favour Western markets for filings abroad, according to data published by Fovea IP. However, domestic activity still takes precedence.

24 October 2022

Making infringers come to you and hiding your tracks: industry experts share brand protection tips

Industry specialists shared new strategies for combating infringement at WTR’s Brand Protection Online USA event.

24 October 2022

NFT dispute favours trademark approach; political donations create brand risks; Lazada exclusive; and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

23 October 2022

USPTO design patent practice review to be expected but now community has chance to have its say

The USPTO is seeking views on the scientific and technical requirements to practise in patent matters before the office, with the establishment of a design patent practitioner bar up for discussion.

22 October 2022

The nail and the hammer: the role of copyrights and trademarks in NFT projects

A recent dispute involving Bored Ape Yacht Club highlights how trademark law, rather than copyright law, provides a cleaner way for centralised NFT project creators to enforce their IP rights.

21 October 2022

Interpol enters the metaverse; Fortinet loses trademark dispute; cybercrime on the up – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the EUIPO publishing a video highlighting its mission, Haleon announcing its intention to reinvest in its brand after GSK split, and much more.

21 October 2022

Register Tracker Latin America: May-August 2022

Featured in Prosecution

Latin American businesses have a stronger focus on regional markets than those further afield, according to filing data published by Fovea IP. Meanwhile, US applicants enjoy uncontested dominance as the top foreign filers in the region.

21 October 2022

Less than half of Europe’s top online marketplaces police fakes, as brands face fragmented environment

Only five of the continent’s most popular online marketplaces offer brands protection against counterfeiting, a new report by RetailX has found.

20 October 2022

“I deserved this victory”: Filipino small business owner prevails against Louis Vuitton in LV trademark dispute

A small business owner in the Philippines has emerged victorious in a trademark opposition against fashion giant Louis Vuitton.

20 October 2022

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