Cheesy CJEU decision, Black Friday counterfeit risk and Elon Musk in stand-off with Tequila Regulatory Council: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at Elon Musk's attempts to secure Tequila-related brand rights, the CJEU's decision that the taste of food cannot be protected by copyright, and the heightened risks of buying counterfeits on Black Friday.

Cheesy CJEU decision, Black Friday counterfeit risk and Elon Musk in stand-off with Tequila Regulatory Council: news round-up
15 Nov 2018

“No clarity on continued rights of representation”: trademark experts have their say on the draft Brexit withdrawal text

While uncertainty over the future of the agreed Brexit withdrawal text remains, the 585-page document provides crucial insight into the planned treatment of IP – including rights of representation, exhaustion and the cost-free cloning of rights.

15 Nov 2018

“Online platforms are benefiting from counterfeits”: exclusive interview with American National Red Cross’s Allison Leader

As part of our ongoing series of interviews with WTR 300-featured corporate trademark counsel, we spoke to Allison Leader about the challenges she faces at American National Red Cross and what it takes to successfully manage brand rights in the not-for-profit sector.


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16 Nov 2018

Stellar speaker line-up revealed for Brand Strategy China 2018

WTR is pleased to unveil the speaking faculty for the third annual Brand Strategy China event, taking place in Shanghai on 3 December. Among the confirmed speakers on our high-level roster are senior industry leaders from Canon, Mattel, Sanofi, Starbucks, Treasury Wine Estates and Western Digital.  Read more

15 Nov 2018

WTR 1000 2019 rankings now available to subscribers

The 2019 rankings tables for the WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals are now available online. This first look at our latest research findings, two months before public release, is exclusive to WTR subscribers. Read more

14 Nov 2018

Corsearch purchases Yellow Brand Protection in latest trademark services sector acquisition

Corsearch has acquired Yellow Brand Protection for an undisclosed sum, WTR can exclusively reveal. The deal results in new online anti-counterfeiting and brand protection services falling under the Corsearch umbrella. Read more

13 Nov 2018

Kylie Minogue's trademark dispute regret, licensing case heads to Supreme Court and INTA launches podcast: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we report on INTA's new podcast, Apple's new partnership with Amazon, Kylie Minogue's regrets over her dispute with Kylie Jenner, and much more. Read more

13 Nov 2018

Good news on costs but Brexit hearing suggests slow progress on issue of EUIPO representation

In an evidence session focused on UK plans for the treatment of intellectual property post-Brexit, the ‘no cost’ transfer of EU trademark rights to the national register was reconfirmed. However, big questions remain over EUIPO representation and the future GIs regime. Read more

13 Nov 2018

Time to end the false dichotomy contained in the Australian Trademarks Act

In this exclusive guest op-ed, a call is made for the removal of "substantially identical" from Section 44 of the Australian Trademarks Act. Read more

11 Nov 2018

Cannabis trademarks rocket, but how long will Canada lead the way? – exclusive data analysis

An analysis of Canadian trademark filings illustrates a sharp rise of applications in the cannabis sector; could that spike be replicated in the US in the future? Read more

9 Nov 2018

Sweden to modernise trademark rules, new USPTO deputy director, and Benelux fee changes: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a study showing the scale of illicit alcohol, a Counterfeit Mini ad being lauded, luxury brands' increasing use of sound design in their products, and much more. Read more

9 Nov 2018

Why Canada’s unexpected trademark reforms are good news for brand owners

Trademark reforms proposed by the Canadian government are positive for brand owners, with mechanisms to tackle trademark squatting and modernised dispute resolution proceedings. Read more

9 Nov 2018

Who are the world’s leading corporate trademark counsel?

WTR is seeking your insights into the leading lights of the trademark industry, and you have just one month left to submit nominations. Read more

8 Nov 2018

“The role of brand protection is expanding” – technology and security risks causing strategies to evolve

A new study highlights the growing need for brand protection practitioners to work more closely with IT and security departments. Read more

8 Nov 2018

Could CSR hold the key to encouraging senior management appreciation of the trademark function?

This week in New Orleans, INTA president Tish Berard suggested that engagement with corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities could hold the key to secure management buy-in into the trademark legal function. Read more

7 Nov 2018

Compulsory conundrum: debate surrounds mandatory mediation for IP disputes

The introduction of mandatory mediation in Greece has faced criticism which eventually led to its suspension; a move that has left question marks over whether wider adoption of such a model is viable. Read more

6 Nov 2018

US Navy donates trademark licensing money, Lego prevails, and Pinduoduo attracts brands: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a fashion designer ‘naming and shaming’ buyers of counterfeits, Japan banning trademark registrations for era names, Georgia celebrating its 100,000th trademark application, and much more. Read more

5 Nov 2018

What trademark owners can learn from the Federal Circuit’s Converse decision

We look at the key takeaways from the decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to throw out the 2016 ITC ruling that Converse’s Chuck Taylor trade dress rights are invalid.  Read more

4 Nov 2018

A lawsuit is coming? – HBO nails PR response in trademark spat with Trump

After US President Donald Trump caused a stir on Twitter with a Game of Thrones reference, HBO's response was pitch-perfect in terms of avoiding controversy while deftly reminding people not to misuse its trademarks. Read more

2 Nov 2018

Azerbaijan pledges IP reforms, plain packaging in Singapore, and Ecuador plans mediation center: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at the JPO offering a souvenir certificate for long-time rights holders, fashion brands stepping up their tech game, a new director at the Tunisian IP Office, and much more. Read more

2 Nov 2018

Trademarks take centre stage at IP statistics conference

In this exclusive guest insight, CompuMark’s Robert Reading shares his takeaways – and why trademarks are taking a more prominent role in the analysis of IP analytics. Read more

2 Nov 2018

Brand valuation: deciphering the trends and what it means for businesses

We analyse current brand valuation trends and explain why trademark counsel should pay more attention to the rapidly growing valuation industry. Read more

1 Nov 2018

Brazil edges forward with Madrid Protocol, but IP uncertainty follows election of Bolsonaro

With far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro’s victory in last week’s general election, local experts tell WTR that the new government could “cause complications” for Brazil's accession to the Madrid Protocol. Read more

31 Oct 2018

Amazon green light, WHOIS access, URS proposals: six key takeaways from ICANN 63

In this exclusive guest analysis, Brian J Winterfeldt, president of ICANN’s Intellectual Property Constituency, provides an exclusive behind the scenes look into the major talking points from last week’s ICANN meeting in Barcelona. Read more

31 Oct 2018

Clarivate Analytics snaps up TrademarkVision as new research offerings eyed

While the move is fundamentally a trademark industry acquisition, the move could also open up access to new industries and customers. Read more

30 Oct 2018

Singapore eyes IP litigation fast-track, Samsung hits Galaxy snag, and fake remembrance poppies: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at claims that an Amazon reviewer was banned after calling out a fake product, the US government weighing in an ICANN debate, how applicants are embracing e-filing in China, and much more. Read more

29 Oct 2018

Amazon TLD moves forward but work remains before ‘.amazon’ becomes a reality

The ICANN board has decided that Amazon’s application for the ‘.amazon’ TLD should be moved from the ‘will not proceed’ designation, paving the way for future delegation of a string that has been in limbo for five years.  Read more

29 Oct 2018

Time running out to nominate corporate trademark counsel for recognition in the WTR Industry Awards 2019

There are only a few weeks left to submit nominations for the WTR Industry Awards, our annual celebration of the world’s leading corporate trademark counsel.  Read more

26 Oct 2018

Nepal drafting new IP law, Burberry settles Target dispute, and China working to eradicate trademark hoarding: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a video game legend recalling a controversial trademark dispute from the 1990s, a poll about the perception of plain packaging, a Brexit update, and much more. Read more

26 Oct 2018

“Avoid the perception of requests falling into a black hole”: how to build an effective relationship with marketing

In exclusive insight published on WTR, in-house experts from Pure Storage Inc have laid out a blueprint for how to encourage buy-in and build a fruitful relationship with marketing colleagues. Read more

24 Oct 2018

“Counterfeiters have no compunction about hurting or killing people”: exclusive interview with Gilead’s Gretchen Stroud

WTR spoke to Gilead's Gretchen Stroud about the fight against fake drugs being sold on social media, the trademark challenges that arise when drugs go off-patent, and much more. Read more

24 Oct 2018

The state of statistics – academic claims “more can be done” with trademark data

A new academic paper has found that researchers and policymakers should make more use of trademark portfolio data – even using such information instead of patent data in some instances.  Read more

23 Oct 2018

Trademarks matter – but not at all costs

We reflect on the flurry of media reports related to law firm workloads and pressure, and look at how the trademark industry must work together to recognise, mitigate and support those affected by workplace stress. Read more

23 Oct 2018

Biker gang warns about fakes, WHOIS challenges, and brands failing to meet consumer expectations: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at the FDA warning about fake Halloween contact lenses, Kylie Jenner faces a trademark infringement lawsuit, Costa Rica being added to TMview, and much more. Read more

23 Oct 2018

Events focused on online brand protection and cost-effective portfolio management set for Chicago

WTR is pleased to announce the new events Brand Protection Online: Strategies for Ethical Enforcement and Managing Trademark Assets USA will take place in Chicago in March 2019.  Read more

22 Oct 2018

On the up Down Under – IP Australia lays out ambitious trademark plans

A senior representative from IP Australia reveals to WTR that the office is “exploring emerging technology solutions such as APIs” to ensure it is at the cutting edge of innovation in the years ahead.  Read more

22 Oct 2018

“A problem for any company that operates in the US”: rise in trademark hijacking predicted after USPTO targeted

The USPTO is warning users of attempts to corrupt the US trademark register in an effort to game third-party brand registries. One legal expert tells WTR that the USPTO must urgently review its system security. Read more

22 Oct 2018

Battle lines drawn, skirmishes commence: ICANN community debates future of WHOIS access

As the ICANN community gathers in Barcelona, efforts to develop permanent policy on the treatment of WHOIS data in light of the GDPR are high on the agenda – with battle lines being drawn and debate becoming increasingly combative. Read more

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